HTC Wildfire S gets to Android 2.3.5 as well, no Sense 3.0 though

13 December, 2011
Much like the HTC ChaCha, though, the Wildfire S won't be getting to taste Sense UI 3.0.

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  • malesa

gkagg, 13 Dec 2011"We suspect this has something to do with the hardware... moreexplorer has arm v7 unlike wildfire s which has v6

  • MotoUser

Dam !!! my defy still running with ForYo, even though greater hardware specs. Down with Motorola !!!!

  • Subhra

Great job HTC. I am now impatiently waiting for my Desire S for the 2.3.5 Gingerbread upgrade and hopefully with 3.0 HTC Sence UI.........Love you HTC

  • gkagg

"We suspect this has something to do with the hardware of these not being unable to hand"

What about HTC Explorer. It has the same or similar hardware as the Wildfire S but it HAS sense UI 3.5.

2.3.5 also available in Greece

  • alok

looking for sens3.0 in xdaforum

  • Toshy

you think so? xD i don´t!!!! ^^

  • natsu

it kinda sounded like

"HTC Wildfire S gets to Android 2.3.5 as well, non-sense though"


  • Blyb

In Poland the update is awaliable as well

  • Pranay

Htc is one of the best company, atleast not like MOTOROLA. I guss motorola employees not doing any.... expensive cell phones like DEFY are still in 2.2. I sujest not to go for any motorola phones thanx to HTC

  • Thor

Update also available in Romania. already updated and working fine.

  • Chewy

I was telling my housemate last night that the Wildfire S was getting the gingerbread update, and he didn't believe me.. I was telling him because of an arguement we were having about Samsung being better than HTC..

Now this news post pops up :D I was right :D

  • AnonD-21105

Does any updates for htc Salsa too????????

  • Anonymous

I'm in Egypt,no update yet!

  • Anonymous

At least in Poland the update breaks the phone. Many devices ended up unuseable after the FOTA update. Be warned.

  • AnonD-2663

Even though sense 3.X is running on its replacement, the HTC Explorer.

  • Anonymous

Hii .. can sme one tell me how to update :) to 2.3.5 ??

  • AnonD-27670

Yah my HTC Wildfire S gets the update n I'm in Pakistan...Woo thats awesome speed up n bugs fix..

  • AnonD-34010

From where to get the update done?

  • Anonymous

no sense 3.0. I am sad :(