LG is introducing a foldable smartphone at MWC 2019

17 January 2019
The device will be similar to the ZTE Axon M and will arrive next to the G8 ThinQ flagship.

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  • Anesu Thabede

The Foldable phone for LG is going to be extremely easy considering LG's history with foldable OLED Displays.

Luxor, 17 Jan 2019Its a garbage when it overpriced. Its practical when it is super... moreI never said that they would be practical if cheaper. Indeed they are garbage when they are overpriced (overpriced isnt same as expensive), bcs why would you buy something for as much as a car if you can get it for less than that, at least i am implying to these next few years while foldable phones are still a new product. They are expensive, as i said, just because they can be expensive and they differ from everything else we have today, not because they are worth that much (theory: when we get "flying" cars, the first one will be a fortune, after a few years when more companies start selling them, prices will go back to normal). I said i would accept them in a few years when they get developed enough to be priced as normal flagships but i am definitely not going to buy one (accepting it doesnt mean buying, tho if i bought it it would not be my daily driver) coz ofc they are still not practical. Not everybody wants to replace their thin, light and "small" phone for some thicc brick that can be unfolded into tablet. It is a nice idea to have tablet and phone in one. Dont get me wrong, i like all phones and would definitely want to own all of them since the first one till now, but there are just some things that are going too far. I was amazed by that Samsung F but then the first renders came out and that folded front screen looks disappointing (i understand its the first of its kind). What about notch do you mean tho?

As long as it will cost 1500+ it will be first and last LG fldable phone from 2019 onward.

  • Anonymous

Swiping across the seam would not be a great experience. Also, a 'bezel-less' seam would be very prone to breakage.

  • Anonymous

T M, 17 Jan 2019LG, now with foldable bootloops. Good one :D

FeederEater, 17 Jan 2019Honestly this is a good idea. Make bezels smaller, nearly seamle... moreIts a garbage when it overpriced. Its practical when it is super cheap. Am I right. Nice mindset you got there. I bet you said the same thing about notch back then.

Honestly this is a good idea. Make bezels smaller, nearly seamless and it will be good enough. Imo those foldable smartphones are nothing except overpriced pieces of garbage. They are not meant to be practical, they are meant to be different than other products so they can be expensive. Dont tell me that 2x normal price of a flagship is okay? I will accept foldable phones when they develop more in a few years and every company sell them for a reasonable price of, lets say, 900$ as thats the price of a normal flagship today.

  • T M

LG, now with foldable bootloops.

  • programmer

unknown , 17 Jan 2019what have to care about you ? i used diferent companyu phones ..... morei am a developer of apps and games. i don't care if you use different phones because you don't use your phone to its full functionality which is i can. i wont waist my money for just using my phone for call, messages, nor games. so stop the talk about phone/s if you don't use your phone the way it was build for.

  • unknown

Al, 17 Jan 2019No thanks. LG dont care about their customers. what have to care about you ? i used diferent companyu phones .. and i never got in a position that i need the company to support me with someting.. !

Well the device may sell better than the axon m, possibly because the hype about Foldable display fablets has kicked off more interest with us buyers and it will be cheaper than screen foldables,so it may sell better,, BUT LG really do need to do something about about their awful post purchase support, otherwise they will rapidly join HTC on the steep slope to obscurity and closure !!!

This is an awesome idea! If both displays can really merge seamlessly (or almost seamlessly), then it's basically just as good as a flexible display, for a lower price.

  • Al

No thanks.
LG dont care about their customers.

  • Anonymous

LG mobile division is a typical example of company with technology needed, but with idiots in charge. One idea worse than other and they are still surprised how none of those ideas work. Instead of bringing for example compact phone on the market, where there is quite a demand for at some device like that (i bet the pixel 3 has better sales than pixel 3 xl), they come with something ZTE has done 2 years ago and it didnt really work out, did it? You should focus on your OS/GUI first, then if you want to bring something new, bring compact phones, instead of those products for market which simply doesnt exist. In LG mobile division are ir charge clearly incompetent people. Im pretty sure there are some 50+ years old dudes, working all their lives for this company, and their position is the result of rank/loyalty instead of actual competence. And they are taking down this whole sector, and there is no one to tell them: "what the hell". That is sort of problem with asian companies in general, where social status is more important than actual competence.

  • Anonymous

siminum, 17 Jan 2019the only thing LG should introduce is "commitment to clients" th... more Agreed. LG is mean to its customers. Their customer service system is unprofessional, and apathetic.

  • Anonymous

Foldable smartphone with the same horrible software update as many international V20 H990DS and many other LG flagships? Flagship LG smartphones that were launched with Nougat 7.0 in 2016 and are still in Nougat 7.0 in 2019? No thanks.

Don't waste your money on LG phones unless you don't care about Android software updates or any security updates at all. LG is losing market share. The update support will only become even more horrible with its dying mobile division. No project Treble is going to save LG's horrible software update support. With its dwindling mobile phone market share, LG's promise of supporting its flagship phones with software updates is nothing but a BIG FAT LIE. Don't be a victim of LG's lies. Visit the LG forums and you'll see just how rampant is lack of software updates for many unlocked, international variant flagship LG phones that are supposed to be easier to update due to lack of carrier bloat.

the only thing LG should introduce is "commitment to clients" that they will receive updates and that they will respect their promises. Anything else is simply a marketing stun to keep them afloat.

  • Anonymous

LOL....going backwards...

this is a great solution! waiting for this~!

Honestly, this is far more practical than actual bendable screens. They just need to make it bezel-less on the sides so that the screens completely blend into each other without ruining the view.