Samsung’s Galaxy Fold (SM-F9000) gets certified by CMIIT

17 January 2019
We’re inching closer to the real thing.

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Does it fold flush or not?

  • Sami

2018 is all about Chinese phones, since nothing is truly innovative outside those Chinese brands. In 2019, there will be a race to foldable phones among Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi. Vivo and Apple are not yet in the race. Let's see who will make the best foldable phone. Both Samsung and Apple are showing a lot of fatigue lately in keeping up with the Chinese. We wish them a good fight in 2019.

  • Guru

Very much excited about the launch, Kudos to the Innovation, With the Snapdragon 855 on board, I actually expect some new functions which can make the foldable display meaningful, Will it be launched in India or to a limited market is the question? , Kudos to team Samsung for the Innovation

  • Anonymous

The first iPhone was also expensive when it came out. I will wait for mid-range affordable foldable smartphones in 2020 or 2021.

Eee! that's too expensive and what it has new cool features that other phones dont have? hmm nah

  • Anonymous

What an Ugly beast sorry were not in 2050 yet lol

  • Anonymous

why do people go ballistic over the price, its the same as top iPhone Ex ES max

Bezel is questionable thick.
Foldable is good but must be thicker unless it keep the fold area usable.
The weight of this device should be about 7~8 inch tablet weights unless it is more plastic used.

  • Anonymous

Good as a first gen product (it is a start). Not expecting it to be popular.

Looks too intimidating ! Size certainly not pocket friendly. There are many other OS, usability stuff to be worked out. Challenges on the physical aspects, foldable engineering etc is one thing but how this can be adopted by common mass, how apps can be optimised, how two hand operations can be handled in a size that's neither mobile nor tablet. We have to take very LONG look at this.

Any radically new tech never heard or used before would obviously going to cost more.

Luxor, 17 Jan 2019Hahaha. Royole Flexpai is equally expensive. It is $1300+. Did I... moreWhich surprised me to say the least. Samsung and Google working together is a perfect combo

I'm still wondering on how JerryRigEverything would do a bend test on this phone though

travis999, 17 Jan 2019So going by those figures, the curve of the folded display is go... moreHahaha. Royole Flexpai is equally expensive. It is $1300+. Did I mentioned it have a plasticky built and ugly rubbery hinge. Oh, the battery too only 3800mah unlike Samsung putting 6000mah there. For a tablet Samsung is more logical. Are you sure those device will sell better than Galaxy Fold? Lol. They dont even invest in software like Samsung did. Meanwhile, Samsung worked directly with Google for the UI.

  • mesand

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2019Gimmick! Gimmick! Who needs foldable phones? I do. I will bu... moreIt WOULD be practical if it would fold parallel with the shorter side... If it will be released as it is in the picture, it will be completely useless...

  • Anonymous

And when itÂ’s unfolded does it need to be placed and used on a hard surface so it doesnÂ’t fold again by accident?...

  • Gandalfdenvite

It still looks far to bulky/fat for my pants pockets! What is the point of a foldable phone if it still needs to be carried in a backpack?

  • Dead meme

Press F to pay money

  • Anonymous

Nice Samsung phone look good

The prices will be insane, but hopefully the foldable phones will be well received, so that companies can continue developing the technology. So maybe in a year or two there could even be foldable mid-rangers with reasonable prices.

  • Anonymous

For people who are complaining about the price, they forgot it's the first time that we will have smartphones which will offer a real innovation and combine two different devices.
Just the Royole it's an amazing thing, so imagine Samsung offering a foldable with Galaxy Note adds and the 1500$ will be justified.

1800$ it's definitely too much, they souldn' t exceed 1500$.

By the way, for the announcement location, San Francisco it's a good one, that will permit us to have some cameos on stage... ;) Looking forward to February 20th !!!!!