Google buys mysterious smartwatch technology from Fossil for $40 million

18 January 2019
The secret tech will enable new smartwatch innovation, which Wear OS devices definitely need.

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  • Hmm

Another company to avoid! :S

It is called "How can I fill my pocket with cash and help Fossil do the same"

  • go for it

i have a fossil watch but not yet smartwatch but i will switch to it when they have it on sale already

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2019The news is here: "The deal involves intellectual property ... moreI wish the wearable chips are 10nm and as powerful as Snapdragon 800. (Imagine two downclocked A76 and two downclocked A55)

Good, maybe we will see better Wear OS smartwatches soon..

  • WhatNext

I hope they will eventually make them with proper wrist bands.
Looks very "plastic like" and cheap.

What else becoming a fossil at this rate? Oopss.

  • rubertus

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2019Google is known for ruining companies it buys (see Motorola... moreThey haven't bought the company, but access to technology instead, so that they can merge said tech with google and other phone makers. Fossil remains Fossil.

  • Anonymous

Google is known for ruining companies it buys (see Motorola, HTC) , so beware...

I like Fossil and there watches the thought of Google being involved with them now repulses me.

  • Anonymous

asdasd, 18 Jan 2019whats a normal OS for watches?Tizen OS

  • asdasd

Mailman, 18 Jan 2019What for? Google can't even make normal OS for watches...whats a normal OS for watches?

"It's based on something out of our timeline..." lol google sure knows how to play up the theatrics

  • Anonymous

The news is here: "The deal involves intellectual property related to that technology,"
Google buying the company for its patents. Just like when they bought Motorola (and then spit the remainders out). Google is a software company. WearOS major problem is with Qualcomm, who refused to innovate in the slightest on their wearable chips.

  • Mailman

What for? Google can't even make normal OS for watches...

  • Anonymous

I need a chrome browser on a smartwatch to do business and throw away my fone

I hope its battery life technology