Windows Phone is officially obsolete, Microsoft tells users to switch to Android or iOS

18 January 2019
This is the end of a beloved smartphone platform as Microsoft shifts efforts to support its services on the two majority platforms.

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Back in the day, I used to own Lumia 925. It was the best phone. Camera with OIS which I so loved. Video quality is great also.

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    • 04 Jan 2020

    Someone post how to replace os in Lumia 1520

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      • Anonymous
      • IWR
      • 31 Dec 2019

      Lumia 520, Lumia 535 user here. So sad. Such beautiful memories.

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        • Asok shett
        • ypc
        • 11 Dec 2019

        Ur marketing is failed.such beautiful easy os nobody's can give. Iam unhappy that why this happened

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          • rvG
          • 26 Nov 2019

          Am not able to download whatsapp through app store on my lumia device

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            • devotee
            • rRU
            • 09 Nov 2019

            Love my windows phones. I'm an adult. I don't need all those kiddie apps. Just need to text, phone, and take pics, and maybe watch some Netflix and listen to Spotify. Once I can't do one or more of these things ill lay it to rest. Sure as hell not getting an iPhone.

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              • Windows lover
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              • 03 Oct 2019

              I guess we need to transfer to lag OS

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                • AnonD-819322
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                • 14 Jun 2019

                I ain't switching my side phone, Lumia 820 was only £20 and does everything I need.

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                  • merc
                  • ABF
                  • 28 Apr 2019

                  a choice? a windows phone that wont get updates soon or an Android phone that wont get updates soon as you are dependant on either the carrier or the maker who just want to fleece you of more cash?

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                    • mxE
                    • 08 Feb 2019

                    Have used windows since the start...….640XL Ran out of internal Memory last year, had to reinstall software & reset phone... Ignore how Microsoft say you can create extra memory... you can't. Because you can't install updates with out that buffer. Have reset the phone several times. It has sometimes stalls when you try & take an HDR photo. All allowed apps on memory card, lots of apps don't work correctly, you have to access them via the internet. Have lost work & business due to software glitches over the past few years... I have had enough...Now going to Android

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                      • Otto
                      • Mmf
                      • 06 Feb 2019

                      I use daily my 950XL. Will not change to others until I really have to. The best and most simple OS of all. Works still almost flawless. Even after two years of constant "heavy use". Still do not understand why it failed. Would love to get a newly equipped phone of WP.

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                        • cr3tu
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                        • 05 Feb 2019

                        Own 920, 925 and 950. operating system is ok, not for kids :) like others.
                        iOS can play in their yard (if you know what I say)

                        I like WP, will use it until a better one (software) will be develop. Don`t like Android (here soon you will need an App to open an App xD) or iOS.
                        I also use my old old N8 with Symbian, and I wonder when we can see a phone with:
                        that tiny FM transmitter
                        HDMI port, made in FINLAND not China :)....etc
                        Oldest phones are much much better even after all this years.

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                          • sergt78
                          • dZi
                          • 28 Jan 2019

                          Russia, i have 2 HP Elite X3 and 2 Lumia 550.

                            Mihai, 23 Jan 2019don't buy a windows phone. I have the 950XL since january 2... moreIt really depends on usage. As for me, I left Android since mid-2016 for Windows 10 Mobile. Now using 950 XL and I couldn't be any more happier.

                              ANDROID ON LUMIAS, 22 Jan 2019unlock the bootloader , so at least we can make use of the ... moreSo much for Google monopoly *slow clap*

                                Vlk, 21 Jan 2019I´m actually thinking of buying one as my HTC HD2 (WM... moreIf you prefer newer processor and IP rating, the Elite X3 is the better option. But if you want pure photography performance, I would suggest the 950/950 XL.

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                                  • alco933
                                  • Q21
                                  • 25 Jan 2019

                                  Wait a MINUTE! Are you telling me that windows will not update their phone OS anymore and that means what I have now will always stay the same? NO MORE CONFUSING CHANGES!! NO MORE LEARNING CURVES WITH EACH UPDATE!! YES YES YES. I will be buying more used windows phones so I will have a ready supply.
                                  Android and iOS SUCKS!

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                                    • AnonD-819322
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                                    • 24 Jan 2019

                                    AJ Styles, 23 Jan 2019Awesome so I am glad I can still use this Alcatel as a PC j... more:)

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                                      • Mihai
                                      • 337
                                      • 23 Jan 2019

                                      Vlk, 21 Jan 2019I´m actually thinking of buying one as my HTC HD2 (WM... moredon't buy a windows phone. I have the 950XL since january 2017 and even though it was okk for almost an year it's a pain nowadays. I'm a programming student in Bucharest and here commuting is so much easier if you have an Android or IOS device with more public transport apps. Also Hypermarkets start to support code scanning through phones and paying at the cashier just by scanning the code on your phone, reducing the time you spend. Also banking apps are only on ios and android and i always have to go to an ATM so see my money status when my friends simply check their app. The phone is laggy now and has a lot of software issues, it isn't as smooth as it used to be. The camera is literally the only uninfuriating feature but only in good light condition as the low light shots are SO SOFTWARE-MALFORMED that they merely resemble the initial photo. TBH i can't find any reason to buy a windows phone and I reccomend you to stay away from it, DON'T TRY TO BE A HIPSTER, IT'S NOT WORTH IT (trust me, i tried and now even though fellow computer science are amazed when they see my windows phone, it's like a dinosaur for them and you feel kinda good, it simply doesn't compensate the lack of apps, support, fluidity, build-Quality is some plastic crap that broke in 1 month at the charging port, and biased camera).

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                                        • Anonymous
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                                        • 23 Jan 2019

                                        Can you please do the same with Windows in general? Thank you Microsoft!