Here's our first look at the new Motorola RAZR 2019

21 January 2019
Thanks to images from a patent filing, we get our first look at the foldable RAZR 2019.

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Mateus31, 10 Feb 2019Maybe they will be using the same kind of folding as the No... moreyup nokia should make a clamshell too they were so innovative at designs back then

  • Mateus31

Maybe they will be using the same kind of folding as the Nokia 2650 ? It should help the bending of the screen .

Kingslayer, 21 Jan 2019Cool but not for $1,500. I remember when the original R... moreI share the same mentality but this would not be feasible if everybody would use this tactic.

Early adopters, who don`t care about money and\or are in a rush to get the newest shiny thing, pay the R&D costs and.
Later when the products are already discounted the production is smoothed out and for sure there is no such high demand anymore so they will sell the products for a marginal profit only. When the crazy deals appear the product is already obsolete, like with your PS3 I don`t think there are any game releases for it anymore.

We need people with different needs and mentalities so companies offer more to choose from and everybody can have what they want and whenever they want it.

  • Anonymous

Its basically Nubia X and Xiaomi folding phone combined. :p

Oh man. Limited Availability and that price i dont know.
Is this going to be new brand?
A Verturola :-)
Or Motortu :-))

  • Anonymous

why will it not be available globally? why o why Motorola? many people are waiting for this phone..

  • Apple Employee

WhoGivesADime, 22 Jan 2019Agh please, man. These phones were ugly back in the days a... moreAll that animosity from some outline prints. You really should understand what you are looking at before commenting. Our company takes this very seriously as folding phones are what is paving the path forward into 2020. Do some research.

  • Anonymous

Lyndino, 21 Jan 2019Didn't like the Razr back then and don't like it now.Exactly; not great to hold, terrible keypad for the sake of thin-ness, I never understood the original's popularity. And this design isn't solving a problem many are concerned with. I want a compact fully-usable phone that opens into a larger tablet when convenience allows, not a big phone that folds smaller just to pocket.

  • Anonymous

can't sell the new so go back to the old design?

  • Nix333

I loved the old clamshell. I'll get one as soon as globally avail. Great job Motorola.

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2019It should be able to open and stay at an angle like the ori... moreWhen will it be time to tell Motorola that a world exist outside of US, India and China?

That for them to succed, they need to actually reach Joe and Jane Average with their marketing efforts.

Think how much of a game changer the Z5 Pro, with a better camera, could have been if carrying Motorola branding, supporting google apps and sold internationally? Instead we got that crappy Motorola One, which should have been a Lenovo P30 that no ones gives a crap about. Not even the Z3 is available here, only the Z3 play. Awful effort.

  • Anonymous

at last...
Not a brick boring design phone.

WhoGivesADime, 22 Jan 2019Agh please, man. These phones were ugly back in the days a... moreIt will probably have big screen but you can fold it in 2. I personally like the idea of making the phones small again but with big screen. It is uncomfortable to have a stone in your pocket nowdays.

Why that ugly notch when it's not even needed??

  • WhoGivesADime

Agh please, man. These phones were ugly back in the days
and hardly anybody misses these tiny screens.

Here we see what happens when a manufacturer runs
out of ideas and thinks of desperate measures to revive a dead horse.

Companies that don't innovate will end up in the rubbish bin of history!

  • hello

hello moto!

  • Anonymous

willing to pay more for new technology, lunch it now motorola

  • Anonymous

It should be able to open and stay at an angle like the original RAZR.. Then the screen will be a curve.. Much better to wrap our face while making calls..

Remember.. Motorola taught us that smartphone can be slim with its Droid Razr the slimmest smartphone of the time.. Before that all smartphones were bulky.. And Motorola also taught us that smartphone can last 3 days without charging with Razr Maxx the first phone with 3000mah(highest at the time) battery in slim body..

Now it is time for Mototorola to teach us how to do a flipped/bendable smartphone.. Please take care of us Motorola~~

  • babygirl

@$1500 you can just keep it in your storage room
you are not making sense nor putting the consumer in mind.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-793004, 21 Jan 2019That's not a notch. The phone has huge bezels.I don't think you know what a notch is.