Samsung pushes beta update to Galaxy Note8, updates Pie roadmap

23 January 2019
The Galaxy A7 (2018) and Galaxy A9 (2018) will get Android 9.0 Pie by March 15.

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  • Alien

I'm definitely not going to update my S8+ to the new android one because it is simply horrible!
I absolutely hate the new status bar icons and layout..
Has anyone managed to change them?

  • Essen

Would anyone know how Samsung's update schedule and support is for their Active line? I am getting a good used S8 Active. But worried as I don't hear of it in any of the OS or security update lists.

... And this is why my J7 Prime will be my last Samsung device...

  • Dan

X41, 23 Jan 2019My note 8 is ready for one uiSame here, about time!

My note 8 is ready for one ui

  • Anonymous

what kind of update are they going to put ?? coz I currently using a SM A7 2018