Motorola's website leaks the Moto G7 lineup

24 January 2019
Design and specs fully revealed.

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  • SR

which age are you living in? u r always late in innovations ever after-acquired by lenovo.
when every brand introduced finger print you didn't add even in moto x 2016. when every brand added notch you didnt add in 2018!!!!!!

Need a new firm to buy Motorola

  • samurra

seems like my next phone will be non-moto

  • Anonymous

2GB RAM is a No-Go for G7 Play

  • BLS NE

Another Moto miss. Batteries too small, processors too old. If the phones had SD 660 (or better) and 4000/5000 mAh batteries, all major carriers, all markets they would have done well.

  • mp

Motorola seriously need to change camera assembly look. they could have put at middle with little extrude or at left or right corner. I like pixel camera location and simplicity with just a camera no dip or too much extrusion.

  • AnonD-784107

I have G6 plus its OK. For the price its good. But if this G7 is more in price. Your better getting a 2 year old flagship. Better specs. For the price. Same camera since G5.

  • Anonymous

Already dead on arrival with those SOCs lmao

  • AnonD-97765

Lenovo trying to doom Motorola. Lenovo can't do anything good for itself & is spoiling Motorola also.
The 4 phones are so identical (except for Moto power with large battery), why even launch different versions of same phone?
Lenovo has lost its mind.

  • Mark

The leaks shows that they are going to repeat, at least, their las year prices or even inflate them. With old hardware that make them even more overpriced than the last year.

The anger of the potential buyers is probably partly due not only to the old hardware but also, clearly, Lenovo is not sharing technology with Motorola. Lenovo presents interesting and renewed phones while Motorola clearly is being a brand used to squeeze their fans while it is possible investing zero cents. And, as we can see, they only made a visual restyling cloning the trend and little else while their competitors are evolving a lot their hardware and design.

And is understandable that Motorola's fans are pissed off at the course and the drift they carry. With no clear prospect of future and zero R&D inversion from their owners (Lenovo) and with Motorola fooling and pretending to charge a price and category that they no longer have instead of being more fair with the fans who still buy them, or improve their phones enough to ask those prices, including their Zx series.

  • Anonymous

they're too late to come to the sd636 party. Redmi Note and Max Pro M2 already uses 660 along with Realme. And their price are pretty competitive, it will be hard to beat those with 636 if Moto can't price it much lower.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Can still be good if the price is right, why so much hate? O3O

  • Anonymous

Why motorola wants to stick to older processors and insufficient battery of 3000mah for most of its models. Why better processors like 660, 670, 675 or 710 are not used even in their latest models?

  • gringo

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2019CRAP CRAP CRAP Motorola is now going to end. The downfal... more2019 : the end for motorola and htc

  • Aze

Motorola are you kidding me with these old processor?

  • Anonymous

Either they price right or simply it ain´t gonna cut it. This is really the end of the line for G series....

Lenovo is doing fine job killing Motorola softly....

  • Anonymous

2GB ram for G7 Play? Lol my G4 Play already have 2GB ram.

  • mike

Drmrmalik, 24 Jan 2019Ive bought and used moto g, g2, g3, g4 plus and g5 plus.. t... moresnapdragon 636, 632 in 2019 ??
so they really want to sell mobiles on moto gestures or actions

I don't ever think any leaks is an "accident" these days. Companies are thirsty of publication.

Any phone right now under 3500mAh battery is not worthy.