Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 go official with Infinity-V displays, wide cameras

28 January 2019
The Galaxy M20 has a 5,000mAh battery Exynos 7904 chipset and a 6.3" screen.

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Anonymous, 29 Jan 2019Another launch from Samsung with specs lower than competiti... moreSamsung Hardware quality stands apart.....Even the most expensive 1000$ iPhone is a cheat for its specs... And dont compare to any other Chinese Toy Phones,,, People consider only budget in mind.... All chinese phones have poor SAR value, using very harmful components, very pathetic software stability... They are damaging you, environment and others as well.....

It is just the software version and build are pathetic.... Even from build perspective, Until Samsung S5, it was plastic we can digest that... But software version is the only area, where they have not listened to customer yet......

  • Anonymous

Sebstin, 29 Jan 2019Why both are 6+" phones?. Was expecting M10 would be compac... moresimple....
because no one wants to buy small phone anymore. If you open a phone shop, you'll know it.

  • Anonymous

NEELAM4, 29 Jan 2019Software and build are pathetic in M10 & M20. If you ca... moreAre you come from future or you have got M Series.
It is so stupid to say anything without actually using it.
Samsung UI is much better than earlier. I am using Samsung since 2012 it improved very much.

  • Anonymous

The M10 CPU is about the same as SD 450 / SD 625
The M20 CPU is about the same as SD 636

The price still not as competitive as Huawei/Xiaomi/Oppo/Vivo. But, for the price, this is a lot better than the J-series.

  • YoloBS

I think it's not hybrid sim slot ,its dedicated SD card slot. It's sad to see only big phone no more compact phones anymore.
Can anyone know about the rumours led glow ring in m20?

  • Anonymous

Another launch from Samsung with specs lower than competition.....doubt these will sell well.

Software and build are pathetic in M10 & M20. If you can digest them, then it is a perfect phone. I hope once they consolidate their M & A series, from next year onwards they should have the latest software while launching a phone.

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2019My J7 Pro has it.You're right. But, that pretty much the exception - it was the only J-series model that ever had it, and a 2017 model. In 2017, every A-series (e.g. A5, A7) had Samsung Pay as well, but in 2018 even many A-series models came without it in India (e.g. A6+, A8 Star), and none of the J-series/On-series had the full Samsung Pay.

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2019What bigger battery are you talking about? M20 has 5000mAh.... morehe just spec hunger , i dont know what he do with his phone but if u take the most advance android in this world with full of feature , give it to him , he still ain't satisfied

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2019Always have a weak gpu that is is to underpowered for a fh... morepeople dosnt care about weak gpu as long they got uhd screen good enough than had overpower expensive 2010 gpu with low reso screen .... it hurt their eyes

  • Anonymous

Phylyp, 28 Jan 2019It'll have Samsung Pay Mini - for wallets and UPI. It defin... moreMy J7 Pro has it.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 28 Jan 2019Well they dont have but for same price they use better CPU ... moreWhat bigger battery are you talking about? M20 has 5000mAh. Just save us your mindless blabbering.

  • Dan

This is far more honest pricing than J series garbage. Well done Samsung!

While i mostly wait for redmi note 7 pro or poco f2.

I seriously considering m20 as my second phone. If it actually use oled with 5000 mah, i'll buy it without second thought.

c00lpapa, 28 Jan 2019you know, i'm still on redmi note 3 kenzo, and your right a... moreYup, do the right thing and like me, wait for redmi note 7 pro or poco f2.
Redmi note 7 (standard) reviews result are a bit worrying, not bad just not that much of an upgrade from my current note 5 ai.

A bit faster 660 and usb-c is the main draw after the review is out. Plenty reviewer prefer the dual phase redmi 5 ai than 12mp disguised as 48mp redmi note 7 standard. Other than that and the form factor the rest is the same with redmi note 5 ai.

  • Sebstin

Why both are 6+" phones?. Was expecting M10 would be compact 5-5.5" phone.

  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 28 Jan 2019IPS is a kind of TFT. Ignorant experts I tell youyou're the ignorant one, IPS and TFT are both LCD screen tech, they are different technology

Where GSM Arena got that four A73 cores from?

Exynos 7904 has a two + six layout (acc. Spec by Samsung)

and even in that newly Press Release for India stand:

"... the Exynos 7 Series 7904 is equipped with
two Cortex®-A73 cores that run at 1.8-gigahertz (GHz),
and six Cortex®-A53 cores at 1.6 GHz."

Orsen, 28 Jan 2019I have never had any problems with MIUI. On the other hand ... moreyou know, i'm still on redmi note 3 kenzo, and your right about xiaomi. my phone now boot up on cusrom 8.1 and i'm considering 9.0 rom. my phone has fallen from 2nd floor and still survived with some bent. has dipped into a puddle and still alive and kicking. i'm waiting for redmi note 7 pro released in my country

  • hmm

M10 looks like the specs what android go should run on it. CPU is as powerful as MTK6750.
2GB ram on the lowest version and wants to compete with Xiaomi and the like ?
Xiaomi have 3GB ram on there lowest phones in that price range this M series want to compete in. Even tough Samsung have factories that build everything for the phone they still cant give anything as bang for a buck.