Energizer unveils Ultimate series with two phones with dual pop-up cameras

31 January 2019
In total five Energizer Ultimate phones were previewed today - they are part of the 26-phone contingent heading to the MWC.

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Literally all of these phones got cancelled and were never made, ouch

They don't look that bad

  • Petre

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2019All these models has Elephone written all over it. Design theft?They are actually rebranded Elephone smartphones. Not theft, but a common practice where one company does the design, hardware and so on, and another company licenses it, rebrands the product and sells it. Gionee was a company that offered such services as well.
This article here has the equivalent Elephone smartphone: https://inchina.tech/2019/02/02/energizer-unveils-ultimate-series-smartphone-they-are-elephone-rebrands/

  • Dan

Those are pretty small battery capacities for phones by a battery maker.

  • Anonymous

batterylover, 01 Feb 2019i agree and just as I said in previous threads. unfortunate... moreI agree, plus those tiny batteries....

  • Anonymous

mediatek and not even 4000mah battery from a battery company?!
No thanks

  • Tee

Waiting for the phone with ultimate 18,000 mAh battery.

  • batterylover

JaFueste, 31 Jan 2019yeah, Mediatek processors everywhere means cheap, and phone... morei agree and just as I said in previous threads. unfortunately none of their phones will have a Qualcomm SoC with the chance of receiving upgrades in the future.

these phones are all "dead on arrival". or should we say "dead on announcement". as they haven't really arrived yet.

  • Anonymous

All these models has Elephone written all over it. Design theft?

Pop up camera thanks no.
And its quiote unlike to see battery this low.

  • Anonymous

So they used the screen sizes to name their phones!
Little confusing!

Sorry but I dunno why someone would want a clearly Chinese white-label phone branded from a commercial battery company. It's like if Colgate or Gillette started making phones.

Dem bezels tho...

  • Anonymous

Damn ugly, looks like a Mohawk lmao

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2019Are they rebranding elephone devices? Good one. I was skeptical that Energizer suddenly has modern looking phones. Elephone or not, these are rebranded Chinese phones.

I don't like Energizer but these phones are better looking than Sony's latest.
Actually, they look too good to be true from Energizer. I think these are Chinese made phones only rebranded by Energizer

  • Anonymous

battery company making a phone that has an iconic battery shape? (popup = positive terminal on a battery)

Did they have to copy the look of the iPhone's rear cameras? I wish companies would be more original with their designs but this just isn't the case anymore.

  • m2k

Would take this over a freaking hole in the screen any day of the week! Would take my chances with a mechanism breaking down over staring at a distracting hole while watching videos or surfing.

  • Sarr

A deception from a company that, at least, should have better batteries for the company that it is. But, in fact, is dedicated to sell cheap combos manufactured by others.... HMD teach well their competitiors.