Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a $400 AMOLED tablet, the Tab A 10.1 goes for LCD

15 February 2019
The Galaxy Tab S5e has a metal body that measures just 5.5mm thick.

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  • Anonymous

Have been using this tablet for a few weeks. For the price it is excellent. Screen, sound, build quality ate amazing. DEX is very usefull too for me. Software is up to date with recent updates and the latest security patch. Recomended 100%

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2019Oh i see now. Facts don't matter to you, you only care abou... moreProfessional measurements by professionals does matter. Anandtech is a different kind of pro. That of the oldest profession to mankind. DisplayMate has ranked Super AMOLED highest every year since the Galaxy S2. Because they don't use "measurements" optimised to make LCD look good.

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 20 Feb 2019As I've already mentioned several times in this thread. I h... moreOh i see now. Facts don't matter to you, you only care about your own personal experience, the devices you have, and not where the technology is in general.
Objective measurements don't matter because ... wait for it ... because you personally not seen these effects on the few devices you have. Anything else is nitpicking. I don't know, it seems pretty logical to me.

ferr, 17 Feb 2019Flex is new trend on 2019 and thats diferent from "fail ben... morehaven't you heard the news, there are tablets out there flexed by itself without people bending it

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2019Do you even know what nitpicking is? All the things i ment... moreAs I've already mentioned several times in this thread. I have only bought OLED phones since the days of the pre-Android Samsung Jet and apart from the very first generation I have never sewn any signs of screen degradation on AMOLED. No burn in, no pale colours. Ever. So, you arguing theoreticals as actual cons is desperate nitpicking.
LCDs has all sorts of viewing angle and blacklight inconsistency issues. They have always existed, they're not fixable and they will always exist.

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 18 Feb 2019Even in its worst state, five years later an AMOLED still l... moreDo you even know what nitpicking is?
All the things i mentioned are very visible, objective and measurable flaws/limitation of the technology.
But here you go, you know better of course, oled "looks better".
"Looks better" is subjective,the colors are innacurate this is a fact, it is visible from a great distance and actually measurable. Even if you calibrate your panel the best you can, it never matches lcd accuracy and it will go out of calibration in a few weeks/months.
Why do you think there are no oled monitors, or samsung the leader of oled technology doesn't make oled tvs? Because, they are well aware of oleds tech limitations.
I take a good quality LCD any day, but for phones and tablets oleds are ok, because they are lighter and thinner, dispite all their faults.

  • DD

Looks like iPad Pro 2018. Android tablets are dead anyway. This tablet will be stuck with Android P forever.

This Tablet will stay on Android P forever. The biggest problem in Android's world.

  • Anonymous

There’s an optional Book cover keyboard that you can use with DeX mode for a laptop-like experience.

Just that it's enough for me: Ubuntu on board with Android for apps who could still resist to uwp solutions...

  • imadous

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2019No Jack no Buy.... Meh!~ Like its a freaking 10.1" tablet a... moreExactly! and for the tablet the 3.5mm is a deal breaker! trust me i owned a Mediapad m5 and it still bugs me to this date. there is no gain for any customer on losing the jack yet some people act as if it's been replaced by something better (which is not the case at all)

  • imadous

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2019Imagine if there was a universal port which was for everyth... moreYou clearly have no clue about what is floppy disks and what is 3.5mm standard port. the tech did not evolve, just changed to become inconvenience. we still use the same old technology you mocking so much. music file > DAC > headphones > year hears. just now the DAC (which is expensive and most likely your USBc earbuds have crappy one instead of the better quality one that usually is equipped) is now placed on the Headphones instead of the phone. NOTHING CHANGED. zero. same tech. no gain in anything, not even price, actually the price of usb-c headphones went up!

  • imadous

If i learned anything from getting the Huawei M5 tablet is that i will never buy another Tablet without the 3.5mm headphone plug. ever.
the inconvenience i had to go throw is unbelievable it's literally game breaker for me.

Why only snapdragon 670???
Even Apple's highest end ipad processor costs less than $30

yym, 17 Feb 2019The burn-in with oleds is a real issue. I like oleds and ha... moreEven in its worst state, five years later an AMOLED still looks infinitely better than any LCD.
You're nitpicking hypotheticals on OLED while ignoring all the incurable faults with LCD.
Here's a personal anecdote you remind me of. Many years ago I had a colleague who was die hard Hamburg football fan. They lost a game 0-5 to Bayern and he was ridiculing Bayern for only scoring 5 on them. That is you.

  • yym

Duck of death, 17 Feb 2019Stop reading 15 year old blogs about OLED. I had barely vis... moreThe burn-in with oleds is a real issue. I like oleds and have a few devices with oled, but all of them have issues. I like the tech but it is just not there yet.
And besides the burn-in oleds have major problems, here are a few:
- color accuracy, yes the colors are vivid and saturated, but very inaccurate, this also changes during the panels lifetime because different color oleds age differently, practically imposible to get the whitebalance right
- pixels are not uniform, there is noise in them, try to display a smooth gradient, usually this becomes apparent at low levels
- very noticeable ghosting at low brightness levels, bright pixels respond faster to change than darker ones, this leads to some strange artefacts
- color resolution is best at maximum brighness, at minimum brightness there is around 4-5 bits color resolution left, poor colors and banding at low brightness
- not a real issue just an interesting fact, oleds don't have infinite contrast ratio as many sites claim, when pixels are black they are not actually off, and still emmit light, thogh not visible with eyes, it can be recorded on camera on long exposure, also can see panel nonuniformity this way

So, yeah, oled is cool and everything, but the tech is just not there yet

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2019Hmm Amoled looks great , well just not 3 years later when l... moreStop reading 15 year old blogs about OLED. I had barely visible burn in on my first OLED phone, a Samsung Jet. I've not had any since, with neither Nokias or Samsungs.
Your LCD will still look like an LCD after three years, though. Nice, but not excellent like that three year old AMOLED display you could have had.

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 16 Feb 2019That's why Apple use AMOLED on their flagship phones now an... moreHmm Amoled looks great , well just not 3 years later when lcd will remain the same and take no screen burn granted the tech is getting better but it can’t avoid screen burn for every and microled will out do it in a few years

  • Anonymous

No premium model to compete with the iPhone tablets..

  • ferr

Fayth, 16 Feb 2019beautifully balanced ... hopefully doesn't come with flexFlex is new trend on 2019 and thats diferent from "fail bending test"

Looks like a cheap iPad Pro. Very original as it seems Shamesung is back to its old tricks.