Apple's market share is declining in Europe, but expands in the US

22 December, 2011
The UK is also seeing a growth from Apple, but continental Europe is friendlier to cheaper Androids.

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  • Collin5

The analysis in this article is ridiculous. Apple's market share loss has nothing to do with "Europe's financial situation".

1) The EU isn't a single entity. The member countries financial situations couldn't be more different. The average northern European (including Switzerland which isn't part of the EU) has a higher income than an average American or Australian, and could therefore more easily afford an iPhone if it was desired.

2) With the exception of the UK, Europe has simply never been an Apple friendly place. I don't know why this is. I suspect it has more to do with the fact that Apple's marketing tends to target mainly English speaking countries, which would explain the UK, Australia and the US behaving similarly.

In summary... if you have no idea what you are talking about, then stop yapping.

  • AnonD-5449

hi, 22 Dec 2011you people are well dumb read the news apple are not supplying e... moreGah, you think that? Maybe Apple doesn't ship the phones because no one is buying them??? Think it like that, it changes a lot of things.

  • AnonD-5449

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2011It has nothing to do with tough financial position. You can use ... moreI was just saying that. I agree 100 %. I'd never lay a finger on the iphone.

  • Anon

AnonD-2142, 22 Dec 2011I dont understand how Europeans dont buy Iphone because its expe... moreIn Romania an unlocked Galaxy S2 is almost 250 euros cheaper than an Iphone 46 (both 16Gb black).

  • Anon

To be honest, I prefer Android to IOS(not because I'm European). It's just more interesting. It just feels like IOS is made with just the simplest things in mind, Android is much more configurable. It feels like you can pretty much whatever you want to it. The Android phones are cheaper than IOS, even though most of the phones have faster CPUs, the IOS phones are still more expensive. That doesn't make sense. I believe the Iphone is a phaenomenon, but when it comes to being a smartphone it's lagging behind. It's a beautifull phone, but it's so fragile. If you drop an Iphone on a stone floor, you need a vacuum cleaner to pick it up, and that battery. God I hope IOS 5.1 makes it last longer, though at such a small capacity battery, it can't get much better. I know I'm rambling a lot against a phone, but a 30 hour battery life (GF's Iphone 4S on 5.0.1) is pathetic. Because so many people buy the phone, Apple is taking it easy in coming with a faster fix. We're feeding the laziness. I hope you can proove me wrong.

  • Jay

hi, 22 Dec 2011you people are well dumb read the news apple are not supplying e... moreSure........another Apple fanboy defending Apple whahahhaa

  • AnonD-2142

I dont understand how Europeans dont buy Iphone because its expensive and the top sale phone is Galaxy SII , so whats the problem with finance here ? Price of these 2 phones is almot the same ! It seems Android is doing a great job here , you can say the problem is Android not Finance !
HTC Sensation XE owner.

  • hi

you people are well dumb read the news apple are not supplying enough iphone to stores so people cant buy the iphone

just checked most of the stores near me and all of them are out of stock they say they will restock when apple gives to them which they dont know

  • Bas

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2011It has nothing to do with tough financial position. You can use ... moreAbsolutely true. Nothing to add!

  • Rick James

I work in a store that sell all of mobile phone devices and the answer to the question is that Europe are sick of Apple. For example, Apple is the only brand that forbids the store to 15 or 30 days garantie. You cannot swap Iphone in stores. That´s against the law, but not to the american companie.
There are better feactures in Samsung phone than Iphone for less price tag. I have an Galaxy S II and i would swap in for an Iphone 4 or even 5. I prefer Android.

  • Jay

European finance don't make me laugh, Iphone is just a hype, if this is a European finance issue then why people are still buying Nokia and Android phones here?
Apple needs to stop making stupid excuses and sewing other companies. Because people are getting bored with Apple!

  • AnonD-34352

its apples own fault for being lazy and releasing the same damn looking phone as a year ago.
everyone was excited saying it will be thinner and lighter with a bigger screen and hd resolution.
sorry but a big disappointment from apple this year and i dont know why people in the us and uk and aus buy it.

  • AnonD-2037

Only advice to Apple. Stop suing company for trivial reason. Because people who prefer quality product of apple also dislike their attitude. At the end of the day they are selling product to human.

  • Anonymous

It has nothing to do with tough financial position. You can use that excuse about car sales going down, but one new phone a year at approx 500 dollars a piece is not a big expenditure for most Europeans.

It's funny how you seem to think that European finance has to do with Apples sales declining in Europe, when the same people that supposedly don't have money are buying Galaxy S2, HTC Sensatinon and other higher end Android devices.

The truth is that Android is slowly kicking Apple out of Europe, and that't the absolute truth.