Asus Zenfone 6 to be announced on May 14

23 February 2019
Looks like a notch-less, bezel-less phone.

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  • Anonymous

Its must come with super amoled display.

Oh god! May 14 announcement and availability in June...can't wait that long.. notch definitely means a pop up camera, I don't think Asus will go with sliding phones..

  • Philippe

I bought the Zenfone 5 in late 2018. It works really well. I don't need another phone until the current one gives up. Hoping it lasts at least 3 to 4 years. It's a solide phone (physically), so maybe it lasts longer than that.

  • Man

My girlfriend birthday date 14 may

  • Matt

A bit late for me too. I'll only wait if no other alternative for my requirements, taste and price is available sooner. If they present it at 14 May, when it'll be available? June? July? Well, for now still searching my next phone.

  • Anonymous

Bit late for the release..

Asus its one and only smartphone brand that have good SC but with high to performance phones in Indonesia I think.

lol mid may???

Pop up camera, slider mechanism, who knows? That's most probably my closest guess anyway

  • thatDude

periscope camera sounds way better than the cut-out

Hopefully it is a sequel to 5z & just as brilliant.

Companies like Asus & Lenovo are bringing the real value phones.

  • TC

hope they just ditched the selfi(sh) cam altogether

  • Anonymous

all i want is no bloatware

Huh, this would be available in store for q3.
S10e is tempting, but i would wait for this zenfone as Asus did well with their past lineup (maxpro, z5)