Watch the Xiaomi event at MWC 2019 here

24 February 2019
The company is gathering the spotlights in Barcelona for the global Mi 9 announcement and the Mi Mix 3 5G introduction.

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  • Anonymous
  • x@b
  • 24 Feb 2019

No Mi9se global edition?

    I like how they did the thing that sony wanted to do with their xz2 lineuo but failed
    And i meanThe curved design
    I liked the 5g and their mi 9 camera
    But as good as their phones,,, yet xiaomi still ignorant to the fact that they can mirror their phone screen on tv

      • t
      • tammifizzle
      • x05
      • 24 Feb 2019

      So bland. Nothing really intriguing.

        • N
        • Nick
        • KSe
        • 24 Feb 2019

        Okie dokie