LG unveils V50 ThinQ 5G and G8 ThinQ and G8s ThinQ

24 February 2019
The LG G8 ThinQ has either two or three cameras, depending on the region.

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  • Freedom

LG has a completely different attitude towards software update is concern. They can launch good phones no doubt but in software upgrade is concern it fails to mobile company in the world and even after being aware of the facts, has shown no intention to improve over it.

  • average Joe

Melissakis, 24 Feb 2019G8 triple will be my next phone. Even the G8 dual, if the p... moreCameras are not sticking out which is wonderful, should be brought up by every article

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2019Well also the specs (like mp, 107/120degree) and lg camera ... moreOh my dear...
I'm triggered by that software comment. LG's camera software is the one to beat, no other phone maker gives you full control over everything.

Number of pixels says nothing about quality of picture.

LG did 120 FOV on G5 and V20, since G6 it's 107 and guess what - no more distortion.

Facts mate, FACTS.

For my needs and taste, the LG G8S and Samsung S10e are the only options I'd choose. The S10e wins in terms of compact size but G8S has a bigger battery and military grade resistance certification. If LG finally improves and speed up the software updates then it will be a real contender after so many years of failures

  • yyah

Finally a great phone on paper wait for first reviews but a pro version with 5k+ batteri is still a must

/ Congratulation to the team

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2019gsma forgot to write the unique feature in G8 ThinQ phone, ... moreoh lol, I missed the last part of article

  • Anonymous

gsma forgot to write the unique feature in G8 ThinQ phone, now with the new 3D sensors LG G8 thinQ can unlock by scanning your blood vein on your palm. You can also answer calls, stop alarm, turn volume up/down etc with hand motion gesture or simply wave your hand. And the entire screen is the speaker itself.

The LG V30 and V30 plus had great battery life for that average 3300mAh battery, relatively speaking. Now with 4000mAh the LG V50 5G can finally be the phone LG should have launched with the LG 40. 5G is a useless gimmick for a few years yet before it actually makes financial and practical sense for getting decently prices 5G plans for daily usage for most nations.

For now this phone will be great on LTE mode due to that 4000mAh battery, no need for 5G mode, just disable that mode in settings and restrict it to LTE and below. By the end of 2019 LG V50 after price drops would be a great phone to consider, its got SD card, 3.5mm jack, great DAC and a good OLED screen. The best part of LG phones are their awesome haptic feedback and unlike Samsung and Huawei it's got no annoying pointless curved screen that is so prone to damage.

If the Oneplus 7/7T isn't upto scruff, I'l be buying the LG V50 towards the end of 2019.

  • Love the Community

Kuba, 25 Feb 2019zero innovation, RIP LG. but at least 6months after release... moreZero innovation? Did you see G8's Crystal Sound tech? Only TV does this and this is the first phone to use this and nope, I think this is different compared to Piezoelectric sounds.

  • trolll detector

Kuba, 25 Feb 2019zero innovation, RIP LG. but at least 6months after release... morelol troollll detected

  • AnonD-794992

Sman, 24 Feb 2019Did you use marijuana?actually marijuana helps for brain plasticity.half of the commenters there should smoke some.thaw we gonna se less trolling and nonsense:)

  • Arman

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2019rip lg join htc...I think so

  • Anuj

Very good phones by lg . They are always innovative

What's up with these huge phones? Screen to body ratio is not impressive as well. Look at Galaxy S10e.

  • AKS

Can LG at least get the G7 to Pie? Seems like there is no end to these software update nightmares. All flagships should have at least 2 years fast update. Charging premium prices should not only mean better hardware but software too. Thanks in advance LG (whenever you update our G7).

  • Anonymous

Can LG please drop the notch? It looks ridiculous.

  • Kuba

zero innovation, RIP LG. but at least 6months after release i can buy their phones for half price :)

Sman, 24 Feb 2019I congratulate you on the best phone of the first half of 2019I doubt that

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2019Why go gameboy DS style if you can do foldable phone. Why g... moreand Why would LG need to copy From samy to looks good , does copying from others means good to you, LG already tried different FOV of the Wide angle lens , So 107 Degree means no distortion, If only You mentioned the telephoto lens would have agreed with you cuz it's lg first try with telephoto

  • Anonymous

Bintangng, 25 Feb 2019I think he's saying that the camera design/position is much... moreWell also the specs (like mp, 107/120degree) and lg camera software is worse than Samsung.