Qualcomm Quick Charge for wireless power is official and features Qi interoperability

25 February 2019
Xiaomi's latest 20W wireless charging pad is the first to officially comply to the standard.

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  • AmyThePerson
  • at0
  • 26 Feb 2019

I never use fast charging. it kills batteries so freaking fast. Thesedays they're so hard to replace too :|

    GSMArena should also test the thermals of the wireless chargin because Qualcomm's QC3.0 already heats the phones for more than 40 degrees C at 18W of power, wireless charging should have higher heat output at full power.

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      • Anonymous
      • ibg
      • 26 Feb 2019

      No doubt improving the wireless charging is a good thing especially when majority of the flagships out there r missing the 3.5mm jack.

        Good Mi9 supports wireless up to 20W this will be compatible.
        Compared to other flagships which barely supports 10W like samsung.

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          • sam
          • ypd
          • 25 Feb 2019

          i have a doubt.how much meter phone can charge.

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            • Anshul
            • rJu
            • 25 Feb 2019

            Well I understand that true wireless charging is almost 5 years away but still I appreciate their efforts to keep the wireless charging alive and kicking. But right now I really hope that atleast wireless charging speeds to be same as wired charging from 2019.