nubia Alpha is a foldable smartwatch that you wear like a bracelet, it's also a phone

25 February 2019
The extra-wide 4" AMOLED display wraps around your wrist - it's by far the largest screen on a smart wearable yet.

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Couch expert, 26 Feb 2019Anyone remember this? moreWow. Quite a smartwatch. In 2009 (Ten Years Ago), you could make voice calls and so much more.

I guess sometimes the Market is Not Ready for the latest. Plus the Samsung Marketing department is improving slowly. Plus the price of the smartwatch-cum-smartphone was a little hight for 2009.

Samsung is doing superb for now. It just needs to keep improving the camera till such time as it wipes out the entire competition. Everything else is almost there already.

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    • Couch expert
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    • 26 Feb 2019

    Anyone remember this?

      O God I'm really in a wrong profession...
      Everything I imagined years ago, companies are starting to make today.

      I always had this idea. BTW, with better specs in mind than this.

        bot!, 25 Feb 2019how exactly you gonna use the wrist-phone for conversations?Take it off from your wrist and use just like a normal smartphone or wear it then use the speakerphone.

          Is it just me... or ZTE had really gone mad? This is just pure insanity compared to other Wear OS smartwatches, and I must admit that I actually do like it.

            Anonymous, 26 Feb 2019"powerhouse" excuse me what? The most powerful smartphones ... moreSomeone didn't do their homework. Nokia Morph was presented in 2008, but only as a concept, full of nanotechnology and features never seen in a smartphone. So no, none of the current phones have surpassed it, because we don't even have the technology to build it.

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              • 26 Feb 2019

              Pabliell, 26 Feb 2019Please, don't compare the powerhouse that Nokia Morph was s... more"powerhouse" excuse me what? The most powerful smartphones from 2008 are already outclassed by the mid-range to entry level smartphones of last/this year.

                Weird flex but ok

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                  • 26 Feb 2019

                  Using this as a daily driver without a smartphone with 500mah battery? That 1-2 days claim is a bit of a stretch.

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                    • 26 Feb 2019

                    Pabliell, 26 Feb 2019Please, don't compare the powerhouse that Nokia Morph was s... moreThis is sort of comes very close to what the Nokia Morph was supposed to be though

                      Anonymous, 25 Feb 2019wow this looks like the forgotten nokia morphPlease, don't compare the powerhouse that Nokia Morph was supposed to be, to this watch with bigger screen.

                        Unfortunately things like this watch will never replace smartphones. Why? Because it's too small. Smartphones are multimedia devices, meaning we need screen estate for media consumption and communication. And it has to be comfortable to boot.
                        And if you're looking for a phone that can be bent over your wrist, then you'll need to keep it on your wrist always. Because it will have to be at least 20 cm tall. One of the tallest phones now - Xperia 1, has less than 17 cm of height. You'd also want to be narrower, so it doesn't cover half of your arm. Combine these 2 and you have a banana. Good luck using it.

                          Did I see this right?! T9???!!

                          Are you seriously trying to take us back to 2005??

                          Wake up and smell the coffee, it's 2019! There are many, MANY advanced keyboards that are much, much faster than the antiquated t9.

                          Look up MessagEase, which has only 9 keys, but you can enter everything with it with a SINGLE tap or slide.

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                            • Bangi
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                            • 26 Feb 2019

                            Best looking watch on the market so far..

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                              • 25 Feb 2019

                              Anonymous, 25 Feb 2019The future is here....almost. Im suprised Samsung hasnt don... morehow exactly you gonna use the wrist-phone for conversations?

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                                • 25 Feb 2019

                                Here’s what I thought this was going to be. A smart watch with a custom android skin that has a flexible screen all around. When you want to use it as a phone you take it off and straighten the watch and it turns into a full fletch android smartphone.

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                                  • Alboooz
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                                  • 25 Feb 2019

                                  I will wait for larger screen one, about 4.5.inch screen.

                                    Screen is too small, specs too weak. You may as well use cheap old smartwatch with sim tray for just 15€, that's also a phone. You could add Sony smartwatch as a strap for better experience.

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                                      • 25 Feb 2019

                                      I would love a Fitbit phone that ran its own Android-friendly OS (not necessarily Android itself, maybe Fuchsia?), was mostly screen, and used a magnetic clasp. I would give up my ordinary Android just so I can keep something durable and versatile where it counts, around my wrist. Maybe Google is already working on a UI for this kind of thing to work, who knows.

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                                        • 25 Feb 2019

                                        wow this looks like the forgotten nokia morph