Apple Music now available on Google Home

26 February 2019
Updated Google Home now lets you add and assign Apple Music as your default music service.

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.alpha, 27 Feb 2019Apple's strength have always been about getting providers t... moreApple Music songs are easy to move to Google Home with the function in this post. I get an AudFree Audio Capture before to save the songs and I can play them offline on my phone and also via Google Home. It's convenient to get the songs played at home.

    The connection between my Google Home and my iPhone is very weak and unstable. I don't know which one has the problem. Now I still use the old method to add my Apple playlists to Google Home via the Apple Music Converter from DRmare. This method always works when some unexpected situations happen.

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      • .alpha
      • ytx
      • 27 Feb 2019

      Apple's strength have always been about getting providers to sign up. Apple Pay, Apple Music, CarPlay, iTunes Movies

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        • Anonymous
        • X}$
        • 27 Feb 2019

        I am waiting for iMessage available on google play store

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          • rVg
          • 26 Feb 2019

          Saw it appear yesterday in the updated Google Home app here in the US.

          Today it’s gone! Google have responded to requests and apparently having nothing to announce yet. Clearly it’s coming and yesterday’s update clearly jumped the gun with some sever side config incorrectly set for that version.