Apple Music now available on Google Home

Prasad, 26 February 2019

After releasing on Amazon Echo late last year, Apple Music is now finally available to Google Home users.

To use the service, you will have to update the Google Home app and then head over to Account tab > Set up or add > Music and audio and then select Apple Music. You will have to sign in with your Apple Music ID and then it will be linked to your Google account. You can also set it as your default music service.

Once you do that, you will be able to tell Google Home to play a particular track and it will then play it directly from Apple Music, without you having to specify it.

This is yet another step by Apple to expand its services business. Launched back in June 2015 on iOS, Apple Music quickly made its way to Android later that year in November. Being part of iTunes, the service was always available to both Mac and Windows users. The in September of 2018, Apple Music made its way to Android Auto. Three months later, it was on Amazon Echo and now it's on Google Home.

This is only good news for subscribers, who can now access the service on more platforms. Apple Music is one of the most popular music services out there right now and it's also available in most number of regions. With Apple's rapid expansion plans, it's not hard to see it becoming the most popular music streaming service in the world. It should also tie-in well with Apple's other subscription service expected to release some time in the near future.



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Apple Music songs are easy to move to Google Home with the function in this post. I get an AudFree Audio Capture before to save the songs and I can play them offline on my phone and also via Google Home. It's convenient to get the songs played at hom...

The connection between my Google Home and my iPhone is very weak and unstable. I don't know which one has the problem. Now I still use the old method to add my Apple playlists to Google Home via the Apple Music Converter from DRmare. This method alwa...

  • .alpha
  • 27 Feb 2019
  • ytx

Apple's strength have always been about getting providers to sign up. Apple Pay, Apple Music, CarPlay, iTunes Movies

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