HTC reportedly considering a brand licensing deal for India

05 March 2019
India's The Economic Times reports that HTC is in talks with Micromax, Lava and Karbonn to license its brand.

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Hi HMD, let me introduce you to HTC..

So in less than 15 years HTC have gone full circle, started off as XDA, making phones for other phone makers to be re-badged under better known, more successful names, now they are about to be forced into doing the same with other companies wanting a quick way up with a better known name than their own !!!
How the almost mighty have fallen, mostly self inflicted by HTC insisting they HAD to be big in the usa, against advice from some of us, and 00becoming so fixed on the idea of American success at almost any cost that they blinded themselves to the other 5.5 billion non Americans and allowed their designs, prices etc etc to become based around breaking into the usa, to the detriment of everything else, funny how the name will possibly bought by a firm that has made the complete opposite decision and has grown fast without even trying to enter the usa market !!!
Some of us on xdaForum predicted almost this out-come almost ten years ago, the posts and conversations and pleadings are probably still available on xdaForum, HTC executives should be forced to go look and read the arguments that predicted this and learn from them, then possibly try again to build the company back up without repeating the mistakes again..

rip htc!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2019Never forget another big name : Sony Ericsson Sony is still going and so is Ericsson it’s just a telecoms company’s who doesn’t tend to get involved with Sony no more though they were official Sony phones.. as far as i’m Aware...

  • Anonymous

Rem, 06 Mar 2019But they are negotiating with Micromax, Lava and Karbonn...... s... moreYep sad world we live in isn’t it...

Quite sad to see the state of HTC. An android giant once, later became well known for all unwanted things like huge bezels, small battery, average camera and high price. I've loved their audio. Even their headphones in medium devices sound great.

  • Rem

Ra.s al Ghul, 06 Mar 2019I would be very happy and exciting to see some companies buy HTC... moreBut they are negotiating with Micromax, Lava and Karbonn...... so from a bad state to an even worst with those vultures trying to use that brand to deceive customers pretending to be the original HTC with shitty phones...

I would be very happy and exciting to see some companies buy HTC and revive it just like Nokias by HMD global.

  • Anonymous

HTC is dead

  • kula shaker

AJ_74, 06 Mar 2019Yeah, but who in their right mind would want to license a dead brand? none maybe. but at least they have a chance of selling to those who are in their wrong mind.

  • Anonymous

Q, 05 Mar 2019I think, first actually. And that phone was.. HTC XDA (touch may... moreNever forget another big name : Sony Ericsson

  • AJ_74

Vasra, 05 Mar 2019The last gasp of a dying company/brand. When you can't make y... moreYeah, but who in their right mind would want to license a dead brand?

  • Noel

Many of us HTC fans tried very hard to warn them by constructive criticism. They never listened, failed to adjust and take what fans were saying into consideration. Their devices were over priced, even the mid-range ones, huge bezels and small batteries capacities didn't appeal to many. Their many nonsensical exclusives to one Network crushed their sale numbers. Oh men..i can still remember virtually pulling my hair out, why such a good innovative company will self destruct by foolishness.
Anyways i will not forget what they did to prop up Android from the jump...Android was HTC.

I miss Symbian era when phones are really about making people connected.

I hate today.

The last gasp of a dying company/brand.

When you can't make your own business profitable anymore, you start licensing your brand.

After that it's shutdown of production or the company goes bust.

  • Sam

So instead of maintain the quality and adjust the prices, they prefer sell the brand and in the future be known as HTC the shitty phones manufactured by Micromax, Lava and Karbonn, with poor specs, terrible cameras, etc....? Do that can work for a small window of time, but people today connect to internet, have better knowledge than before and the mouth to mouth will do the rest. RIP HTC.

Lol Micromax itself is more popular than HTC in India right now!

  • Q

Vendhar, 05 Mar 2019HTC I sincerely feel sorry for you, same way I felt for Nokia be... moreI think, first actually. And that phone was.. HTC XDA (touch maybe).. So, because of that phone (from 2008), XDA Developers site is made.. Funny how this all change, now, mpst of the younger users, does not know that there was brands like HTC, Nokia (original woth Symbian), Blackberry with own os, Motorola, not Lenovo-rola etc..

Only from big names from the past (in Android world) Samsung is left, rest are Chinese OEMs..

This is tragic!

Sorry but htc doesn't have a huge brand value in india like Samsung, apple, lg or even sony.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2019What no chinese company has bought htc ? This will let them com... moreHTC doesn't have a good name though. That's the thing. Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus and more all charge basically cost prices for their phones not making any real money all to increase marketshare and their brand. They focused on their own brand not a has been brand and trying to revive it. It takes more work and money to revive a brand that to create one at times.