Mysterious Oppo with Snapdragon 855 visits AnTuTu

08 March 2019
The model number is OP46C3, but it's sneakily calling itself "R11s", which it obviously isn't.

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This time on OPPO Find Z
The.mysterious phone disguised as R11s shows its power of eternal snapdragon which Antutu measures 365,246 on its scouter making it the second strongest being with ki of Snapdragon. Is this the true.power of the Mysterious phone? Can it zoom to 10x? Does anyone has a chance to beat it? Find out next on OPPO Find Z!

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    • 08 Mar 2019

    OnePlus 7 will be based on the oppo f11 pro for design with specs S855 and more...

      FullmetalJun, 08 Mar 2019That's the new OnePlus 7.Unlikely. It would score much higher if that were the case

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        • 08 Mar 2019

        FullmetalJun, 08 Mar 2019That's the new OnePlus 7.Jeez, that's not how it works. OnePlus usually takes design cues from Oppo midrange phones. OnePlus never gets the design for the Oppo Find series for example. Based on your flawed ideology, OnePlus 6T should look like Oppo Find X but it's not.

          That's the new OnePlus 7.