Tidal adds support for its highest quality MQA preset on the iPhone

12 March 2019
MQA or Master Quality Audio allows having high resolution audio in smaller file sizes.

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Nice. More features Tidal has for users. I like to use Tidal to stream the songs on my phone. With my premium account, I can save the songs for offline listening and use the Tidal Playlist Converter from DRmare to download the songs. I can then listen to them on my other players offline anytime I want. I like it.

    ZolaIII, 13 Mar 2019You can always buy something for your music. My recommendat... morethanks for the suggestions dear friend, I totally appreciate it and it was an interesting DAP/DAC piece of technology.
    I do have enough knowledge in Audio category and i'm a some kind of audio nerd. I do believe that lg's quad DAC isn't the best available in the phone market and it has some limitations... but I mean at least it's there... you can use it and listen to flac tracks.
    i'm only wondering why wouldn't apple put the same option too while it can... it even doesn't support aptx HD!
    that's just a great shame for such company. but it seems normal after all, when you have enough place to put headphone jack but you still don't. ask me and I say apple has the most stupid policies.

      zamroni1, 12 Mar 2019buy external usb daci'm already paying 1000 dollars and it's way more than enough for a phone which is a beast at power but can't do a normal split screen or have the access to internal files... now you tell me I gotta buy a usb dac? no...
      it only costs 400 US $ to build an iPhone XS so they do can Put the goddamn DAC or LDAC support in it. it's a joke.

        Aryan.23, 12 Mar 2019what's the use then? not only stupid iphone doesn't suppor... moreYou can always buy something for your music. My recommendation goes for:
        It's a DAP/DAC & BT transceiver with same Wolfson quad DAC/AMP find on LG latest V series but without stupid LG limitations. It's a size of the box of matches & cost's 100$.

          Aryan.23, 12 Mar 2019what's the use then? not only stupid iphone doesn't suppor... morebuy external usb dac

            what's the use then?
            not only stupid iphone doesn't support LDAC but it doesn't come with hi quality quad-DAC like LG's so you could really realize the difference between a Hi-Fi music and a lossy one...
            guess next year apple is going to sell a mobile Amp/Dac combo as an optional accessory so you can enjoy listening to the hi quality music and they can enjoy your money, transferring into their accounts.

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              • 12 Mar 2019

              CptPower, 12 Mar 2019I wonder why this good company as MQA would help such a loo... moreMQA is not a company.

                I wonder why this good company as MQA would help such a loosers as apple.

                  Up sampling & gently widening is actually needed for two things making sound stage wider and separation higher especially when using loo impedance headphones which is usually a case even with DAP's & DAC's. But this ends in 2x up sampling factor to the original. Sweat spot & limit for studio mastering should be 96000 Hz in 32 bit while prosumer would be the same with 24 bit sampling. Meaning FLAC is fully capable to deliver. While hearing goes up to the 20000 Hz we need to get above it in order to smooth & bring the higs down to the ground floor accurately as all conventional EQ's are much more concentrated on low's and mids. About MQA it's just master of disaster. They probably added additional layers to compensate loses in low's but that's something Opus already does great (yes it's old ogg codec with a bit of rework, much better packing for lo latency, much better annalitic on encoder side, good sampler & replay gain filter). I simply don't see much need for MQA existence & I am certain it won't be blooming ever.

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                    • 12 Mar 2019

                    "Most even question the very reason to have codecs for high resolution audio, which as you may know, has a much wider frequency response, a higher bit depth, wider dynamic range and lower noise. However, so much of this is far outside the range of average or even above average human hearing that high resolution audio is nothing more than modern day snake oil. It's like claiming a TV is better because it produces ultraviolet light when your eyes can't even see that spectrum of colors."

                    I would suggest the author read this article by a professor of engineering at one of London's top universities.


                    In short, increasing sample rates are not about reproducing frequencies beyond human hearing, rather because real world signals are non band limited, a very steep low pass filter is required to prevent artifact's known as aliasing for both sampling and reconstruction. For the CD sample rate of 44.1khz, an extremely steep low pass filter from 20-22.05khz at 96db is required which is extremely difficult even with today's digital filters, doubling or quadrupling the sample rate allows for much gentler low pass filters which distort the signal far less at the cost of a higher data rate.

                    As for whether the distortions known as ringing of the low pass filters are audible, a meta analysis which looked at all known studies of high resolution audio shows a statistically significant preference for higher sample rates.

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                      • 12 Mar 2019

                      ethereal, 12 Mar 2019Cool! Will I be able to spot any substantial difference? My... moreVery likely not. There are very few songs where one can blindly tell the difference between MP3 (lossy) and FLAC (lossless) or in this case, MQA (sort of lossless)..

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                        • 12 Mar 2019

                        ethereal, 12 Mar 2019Cool! Will I be able to spot any substantial difference? My... moreUnfortunately, nope.

                          in my opinion, MQA is rather pointless and any subtle differences between this and it's main format which it's based on won't be heard via a phone due to inferior audio hardware (including LG), the only phone with truly audiophile equipment is onkyo DP-CMX1, however, with a dedicated decent dac and amp, the quality improves significantly,

                          that's my opinion after listening to many phones with same flac files to my sony walkman NW-ZX100, the difference in performance is not too dissimilar watching a DVD and when watching the same remastered film in 4K

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                            • 12 Mar 2019

                            ethereal, 12 Mar 2019Cool! Will I be able to spot any substantial difference? My... moreMost probably only in our imagination. I have the same IEM (F9Pro) and it's V-shape rendering are unfortunately it's most defining characteristic. So, the IEM would be the weak link in our case.
                            But like the article hinted at, MQA is more a business case than a proper better codec. It's promise of better quality is pure snake oil but the money spent for licensing the whole MQA stuff is real.

                              Cool! Will I be able to spot any substantial difference? My current gear is like: iPhone 6s + Fiio Q1 Mark II + Fiio F9 Pro (balanced).

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                                • 12 Mar 2019

                                Wow, another proprietary lossy audio codec, useless.