Samsung Galaxy S10 5G hits 2.6 Gbps speed in SK Telecom tests

14 March 2019
Download a 2GB movie in just 6 seconds

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  • Miu

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2019But can it rin Crysis?Umm not quite sure about that but you can download Crysis game on PC in just a few seconds with it.

  • Anonymous

PAYG? Gorgeous woman holding the phone, what's her number?

After last jokes with 5Ge and telekom 9G network we cant trust anyone of theses companies.
And samsung isnt trustworthy as well. 2,6Gbps.
Huawei can get that with Balong 5000 model but Samsung phones are uanble to reach that speed. They must cheated. No other option.

There goes my complete data allowance in 10 seconds

  • Anonymous

But can it rin Crysis?

  • tojajsemjenja

and what is the speed of the 5G in tearing DNA to pieces?

  • Anonymous

they will not do that in actual

  • Anonymous

Wow to think I used to use old dial up with that funny noise. I miss the funny noise but not the speed. 5g bring it on!

  • Rahul

Here in India Airtel 4g download speed is 300 kbs

  • SiD

Wow this is great!
you can blow your monthly data caps in a blink of an eye.

  • Anonymous

Blow my data cap in 6s

  • Anonymous

So, will 5G start to kill off human but destroying our cells?

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2019nokias 5g reliable connectivity will destroy other phones ?? nokia is no longer to be found, they are trying to get back on track and not even with their new nokia 9 pureview lol dont let me start;)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]nokias 5g reliable connectivity will destroy other phones

Ananna, 15 Mar 2019Yea that speed in closed real life we will get half of thatMaybe but half of that is still dammed fast!

  • Ananna

Yea that speed in closed real life we will get half of that

  • Anonymous

Id like that for home, but don't care for it on mobile, based on the battery use.

  • Anonymous

Impressive Samsung!! Hope to see more....