Black Shark 2 unveiled with low latency, pressure sensitive Super AMOLED screen

18 March 2019
The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 855 and has a massive built-in cooler, plus an optional external cooler and a new gamepad to boot.

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  • Spike

Why on earth do these phones not add higher res screens!?

r33fd, 20 Mar 2019I think your idea is generally valid. There is no such thing as... moreU do have a point here. But to be honest, even if they're packing big batteries, it's always being bogged down by the power hungry display that they're having, regardless of whether you've set it to the usual 60Hz or not. Plus, if this gaming smartphone trend continues, I'd like to see these brand manufacturers going for something more industrial like RAZER. Times have changed, it's about the simplicity, not something with a heavy, gamer-y look, that's old fashioned; I don't even recall myself looking at 2018 gaming laptops having some heavy "makeup" applied really

xXENDER FREAKXx, 19 Mar 2019A 14°C drop in chipset temperatures with the smartphone itse... moreI think your idea is generally valid.
There is no such thing as a gaming phone. Any phone can play games.

But some of the for gamer things could appeal to general media consumers as well:
Big AMOLED + big battery + front facing speakers, solid materials with good grip rather than fragile glass, what's not to love about that ?

  • Lorenzitto

120 hz screen or nothing, doesn't matter if amoled, ips or igzo, xiaomi is always behind razer...

  • adriano.cavs

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2019And it comes with MIUI, which means this is not just gaming phon... moreNo, it comes with Joy UI, it is an UI specially made for Black Shark series and it has no ADS at all

[deleted post]She's right. But the phone itself is good.
No notch, Oled screen, SD855 chipset.
I might into this one.
A couple month ago when the ROG Phone became available I bought that one, but needed to return because of the Dead Pixel and they have no more in stock.
Oh boy, but had a stunning looks nice stereo speakers and a superb screen.
If it is anything like that one was maybe worth a shot.

  • Anonymous

And it comes with MIUI, which means this is not just gaming phone,it's also ADS device....

A 14°C drop in chipset temperatures with the smartphone itself? Dang XIAOMI, that's a pretty bold claim, and it's an unrealistic one, despite the fact that it packs a large copper heat spreader. Improvements to the input latency of the display (something that I'm not concerned about especially in smartphones), and basically all the bells and whistles a gaming smartphone could have. And of course, with the absence of a 3.5mm headphone jack, who would've thought? It's a gaming smartphone after all, so why try and skimp one of the features that is deemed important? Heck, I don't even like the idea of having gaming smartphones at all, they all share the same ideology of "for gamers", like seriously who the hell would call themselves a gamer when they only play smartphone games? That's pathetic, which is why I hope they could eradicate this idea sooner or later

okay, it's beautiful

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi: Black Shark
Xiaomi: Black Shark Helo
Xiaomi: Okay, lets start all over again "Black Shark 2"

That copper heatsink size is HUGE

  • Anonymous

ApplePen, 18 Mar 2019Still expecting headphone jack in 2019? like seriously ? its al... moreI will go to wireless or usb-c headphones when external dac/amplifier doesn't have audio jack as output when only support bluetooth or usb-c as output.. lol.. (sarcasm, there's no point/use if those audio equipment only have bluetooth or usb-c as output).
256 GB on board, it wont be enough soon, as the game installation will be requiring more space, not to mention you store a lot of music files, photos, selfies, cookies, updates, etc on your phones.. even a single messenger like whatsapp or line usage space can consume more than 1 GB in 1-2 months storing your conversations and files

  • AmyThePerson

I honestly think mobile gaming is silly. Just get a switch or 2ds xl
there's barely anything to play and touch controls are a nightmare

  • gamer

serious gamer? too subjective. great players play great games even if they are not serious

Do you have any photos, diagrams, or posters of the Xiaomi GamePad 3.0 ??

Also guessing this lacks IP68 Waterproofing?
And that the DynamicAMOLED display runs at the usual 60Hz frequency (instead of 90Hz or 120Hz)?

Cheers in advance!

"Thanks to optimizations, the input latency has been reduced to 43.5ms"

Isnt the input on the pixels like 16ms?
And 8ms on iPhones?

How is 44 "actually good"?

Alien , 18 Mar 2019Cool design, a plus for not having a silly NOtch, but: - No SD ... moreBecause marketing department thought they could release crap, brand it as Gaming and rake-in the profits.

ApplePen, 19 Mar 2019we have jailbreak actuallyBut then you have no warranty.
(Not that it matters. Even on warranty, all repairs are pricey, except with Care+)

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2019All serious gamers are using Bluetooth headsets for optimal mobi... moreSerious gamers play serious games on serious platforms to begin with. No "pay-to-win" games. With displays a tad bigger... like 20, 30 inches bigger.

And serious gaming requires ultra low latency audio. You don't want to hear the explosion after it occured. You don't want to hear your opponent after he/she shot/beaten you. And wireless audio has too much latency for this.

  • ApplePen

hmm, 19 Mar 2019Buy one expensive iphone that limits you in every way possible o... morewe have jailbreak actually