Working Samsung Galaxy Fold handled on video

20 March 2019
The device looks sleek but the crease might be a problem when consuming media.

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donald trump, 20 Mar 2019you soun dlike a samsung botWell...surprise! I'm not! Ha Ha!

Regulars around here, especially those from back in the old blog days using Disqus's commenting system, would beg to differ. That was many years ago. I've been a member of this community longer than a lot of young members have been alive. Lol.

Anyway, you're just trolling. It's cool, though! Go fourth! Be great!

Btw, you're wall will never get built. Ever!

Large, 20 Mar 2019Apple would love you as a customer! Never had an Apple device, and never will. Just not for me.

Mobile wise, nothing beats Android. Previously, it was Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional (the best mobile OS ever developed).

Looks really worst than I thought. The clearly visible line in the middle, the extreme thickness of the device, the ugly horrendous bezels. Suddenly the Nintendo DS looks better..

  • Alien

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2019Lolololit's already taken by huawei: the king of wrinkles!

bleahuwei should sell an ironing kit with their replica :))

  • Anonymous

m2k, 20 Mar 2019Why didn't they call it the Galaxy Crease? Lololol

  • s-pen pusher

it will really be difficult to avoid that crease i guess in the next few generations. there simply is no screen cover material that is both transparent and can retain its shape at this time. i have seen videos of the mate x as well, and as much as i would say their device does look better, it would be prone to scratches as the foldable screen is continuously exposed. let me also just add that screen covering material for foldable devices at this time are also not scratch-proof. additionally, i have seen videos of the mate x and it looks like the crease on it is more pronounced than on this video of the galaxy fold. most likely reason is that it has to give enough allowance to bend on 2 portions of the screen whereas the galaxy fold bends on just one portion

i wanted this device, but having seen the cost and the crease of both this and the Huawei, its clear that while this tech is very cool, its really not ready for mass production, perhaps generation 2 will sort out the crease, i think not tho, more like 3rd gen model! when the price gets driven down by competition

  • s-pen pusher

Tonberry, 20 Mar 2019I'd be okay with a crease like that (it's probably invisible wit... morefoldables are oled so no need for backlights.

  • Anonymous

Yusuf , 20 Mar 2019Seems to be a Chinese copy to me. Not real Samsung Fold I reckon If I want to copy one, I would choose to copy Huawei Mate X, not this bulky, ugly cigar box.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2019Then buy one cheap junk from chinaBut, Huawei Mate X is more expensive...

  • donald trump

FreezeGame, 20 Mar 2019I have been wanting this device since forever! Can't wait! Just ... moreyou soun dlike a samsung bot

  • Hmm

All that space and they put an ugly notch on it!

  • Large

FreezeGame, 20 Mar 2019I have been wanting this device since forever! Can't wait! Just ... moreApple would love you as a customer!

  • Large

Anyone else getting a really strong Nokia Communicator vibe from this? really cant imagine i'd feel great about spending 2k on a phone with a visible crease down the centre either.

  • m2k

Why didn't they call it the Galaxy Crease?

I have been wanting this device since forever! Can't wait! Just waiting for confirmation that it's coming to my carrier. I'm buying it regardless of any comments, because it's what appeals to me.

At the end of the day, consumers should always purchase products which makes them happy. Period.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2019as long as there is no advantage over a 6,4" phone in my pocket ... moreSame here, I haven't bought a phone in years because there aren't any on the market anymore, just phablets. I'll upgrade once every 5 years now, and even then, the "phone" I'm currently using (Pixel) is too big.

  • Chee Khuan

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2019Hey Huawei fanboy, have you seen a same video for Mate X? As lon... morehuawei mate x display is from boe and samsung fold display is from samsung display.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2019Where have the samsung fanboys gone hiding? they were saying bad... moreThen buy one cheap junk from china

  • Anonymous

Nice but too much for my blood