Beats will launch true wireless earbuds in April

23 March 2019
CNET reports that Beats will be releasing its own alternative to the AirPods.

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Finaly another vireless options which beats wired ones like nothing.

Jade Deary, 23 Mar 2019Thought that company was long out of businessYeah they're now they belong to Apple

a simple dude, 23 Mar 2019I don’t understand why you guys hate Apple at that point, yeah ... moreWhen 20% of car drivers have Ferrari, I'm pretty sure the brand will generate as much dislike as Apple. ;)

Joking aside. Ferrari is super-niche product, and very distinctive, at that. iPhone is one of the most common brands on the market, and is good phone - but not that distinctive, nowadays. It does have it's unique "engine" (SoC) but rest of the phone is common, made by 3rd party OEMs and not better than many other models/brands. You can get cheaper phones with as good or better screens, cameras, expandability, RAM/storage size. Coming from exactly the same parts manufacturers.

I don't think you can apply this to Ferrari.

In short, with Ferrari, you don't pay just performance and quality, you pay exclusivity. Some of these cars are built in very low quantities. They are also investments - many of them will cost more 20, 30... 50 years down the road. iPhone is mass-market product expected to be replaced in a few years.

That is how I see it. Mind you, I might get an iPhone as my next phone. There are aspects of it that I prefer to Android, but then there are other aspects that play to Android's advantage. still think that Apple is milking it, but then again, obviously they can, so why shouldn't they - as long as people are willing to pay, business as usual.

If it has wires, its not true wireless

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Sorry, I only use false wireless earbuds.

Who ever said that it isn't wrong for Ferrari to charge so much for their cars?

depravedmonk, 23 Mar 2019why did htc ever sell beats..:-/ and to apple too...:-(I don’t understand why you guys hate Apple at that point, yeah it can be overpriced but Ferrari are also overpriced and everybody loves them...
Apple make very good quality product so... -_-

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depravedmonk, 23 Mar 2019why did htc ever sell beats..:-/ and to apple too...:-(They would never do anything with them like Apple would have. Beats' brand is insane and Apple too. They work together so well.

why did htc ever sell beats..:-/ and to apple too...:-(

Galaxy buds is miles beter

So, more overpriced crap sound quality from Apple, so that they don't have to write down their Beats acquisition goodwill.

  • Jade Deary

Thought that company was long out of business

  • TheObserver

I don't remember where but I read some article somewhere which mentioned some 200 scientists signed petition against Bluetooth receivers for radio-frequency causing brain tumors.