Qualcomm and Samsung won't sell 5G modems to Apple

03 April 2019
An analyst at UBS thinks that the earliest 5G iPhone will come out in late 2021 at the earliest.

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kalel, 05 Apr 2019You are not using ios. If u was using it then u would under... moreMan yp are wrong.
Had Apple phone for 3 months and give up and sold it. Android is a lot better and user friendly device. Everything working flunetnly compared to IOS which isnt compatible even with its self like it should be.
When comes to problems its true everybody have some or most brands But mostly some prebuulescent things not worth a comment.
When Apple problems are revealed its something way much worse.

With plunging profits and sales at Samsung, they should do all they can to sell 5G modems to apple. Intel, being so behind in mobile, should up their game or face the same fate as Nokia back then

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TPAA, 05 Apr 2019People should be concerned about 5G. They want to put 5G on... more"5G antennas on the sidewalk" - how funny is that?
If that would be the case many people would just steal them or break them...

People should be concerned about 5G. They want to put 5G on satellites in space, so there is global coverage.

5G is radically different from previous generations of wireless technology:

* Instead of being on private property relatively far from where people live and work, 5G antennas will be on the sidewalk in front of every third or fifth house

* Instead of emitting hundreds of watts of microwave radiation, each 5G antenna on the sidewalk will emit beams with an effective power as high as tens of thousands of watts of millimeter wave radiation

* Instead of nature being protected, 20,000 5G satellites in low orbit will irradiate every square inch of the Earth

See: http://www.5gspaceappeal.org/

I am not a scientist, but the authorities need to carry out research. There are health implications....

CptPower, 04 Apr 2019Man yes it was fixed but every single time something new co... moreYou are not using ios. If u was using it then u would understand that it works fine. Android has bugs here and there but still works fine on phones just like ios does. Every new handset gets released, there's bugs found in same week whether it's from Google or samsung or any other brand. But u don't criticise these brands for the same reasons u criticise apple. It just shows stick to 1 team and bash the other where nothing is logical just bias

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And so we're right back where we started. Once again, Qualcomm is 1-2 years out in front of the market with a quality 5G modem available at quantity. Apple likes to forget that Intel wasn't even a viable option for years after they went LTE with the Qualcomm modem...and even once Intel finally had one, it still had significant problems such that they had to slow all of the Qualcomm-enabled devices down on the software side so as to not get sued.

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Note7 owner, 04 Apr 2019Apple is too big and too rich to not find its own 5G modems... moreI was about to post this against the reply to my original post

But as your post has similar points well...
@ dude111 see the related story re iPhone 7&8 below shipping with Qualcomm SoC

Intel SoC will only be marginally cheaper as Intel will be paying Qualcomm for use of the patents Qualcomm own

Apple per Gsmarena is or will be designing it's own modem, this in theory it could do and install to ship for 09/12/2019

Apple will have to pay Qualcomm as Qualcomm owns the patents, hence the law suits

Don't get hung up on the practicalities of 2019 date I used, in another comment Qualcomm want $7.50 Apple wants to pay $1.50

Apple reason for producing it's own modem is to reduce the cost

The Intel SoC used Qualcomm technology.
Finally the USA did find Apple breached Qualcomm patent but as I understand it he declined to issue a sales ban

My point is in 2019 purchase a 5G capable phone or defer 5G until 2021 with the unnecessary 4G phone

Whilst iPhone usually have baby step upgrades it may be that Apple are forced to give a moderate specification hike

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This is really funny....
Just for $6 less for each phone....
(Apple argue Qualcomm patent worth $1.5/phone, where's Qualcomm said $7.5/phone)
Where's Apple get hundreds of dollar from each phone....
Apple ruin their brand value/image....

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In 5 top iphone country (USA, UK, CA, OZ, ...) this will only hurt apple a little.

But in Asia, and most Europe, where's apple brand were deteriorating fast, eaten by Huawei, XiaoMi, ViVo, Oppo... Apple won't get back their lost marketshare..... and lack of 5G will accelerate the decline of Apple brand value.

Kunal Raj, 04 Apr 2019Dude that's not a hate speech. That is just plain sarcasm. ... moreI agree with you kunal, first ever in iphone man it is hilarious 😂. If i were a iphone user i might have die with shame after listening that

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to build a new 5G modem.... for apple that is impossible! not because they dont have money but there is not enough time... for modem it takes years of developing and that is something what they cannot buy... not even with billions or trillions. they lost the race, big time... this will be more visible in 6 months or one year...

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Anonymous, 04 Apr 2019Apple doesn't want anything from Qualcomm anyways.i wouldnt be surprised if apple sues qualcomm again but this time becouse qualcomm doesnt want to sell them their 5G modem😂

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dude111, 03 Apr 2019Doubtful. Both QC and Samsung (and intel) could make mil... morewhat money? apple doesn't pay... thats why they are un in position like this

kalel, 04 Apr 2019Not everybody wants to change their phones every 2 years. A... moreIts not mine rules its their way how to make a bussiness.
And ts works.
If you give up on oolder device and get a new one at same price who will comply???

kalel, 04 Apr 2019And it was fixed in a week. Not really a massive issue but ... moreMan yes it was fixed but every single time something new comes from apple it have bugs laggs mistakes erros etc.
Apple have nothing own just IOS and even their IOS they cant make working very well despite the fact they have whole year to fix every issues.

CptPower, 04 Apr 2019Man whats your problem??? Almost every cell phone operator... moreNot everybody wants to change their phones every 2 years. As long as it works fine and hasn't been damaged they shouldn't be forced to change phones. Nobody has to follow your rules

CptPower, 04 Apr 2019Yes like last time when almost all XS Max phones were unabl... moreAnd it was fixed in a week. Not really a massive issue but u keep reminding people like it was a major horrible issue which it wasn't. Your lovely androids suffer from bugs and crashes too. Childish playground comments

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With the time probably more high-end quality and performance providers will refuse trade with Apple and its greedy politics. Plus no one will want share with them relevant information. So they'll be relegated to the low performance or cheap manufacturers that want sell them with the exception of TSMC and Foxconn that traditionally has traded with them and have been widely sued due to have insane working conditions for their workers. Something that indirectly Apple has contributed due to pay others as low price as posible. But on the other side... charge the most posible to our customers, wellcome sheeps!

Mzma PIB, 04 Apr 2019Yes update with intention to slowdown the phone and just sh... moreOnly one phone got slowed down to preserve the battery and that was the iPhone 6 and that was after 3 years later. By the way samsung also got done for slowing down phones. I would also add the Haha but I'm not a kid :D

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Apple doesn't want anything from Qualcomm anyways.