Weekly poll: is the Nokia X71 (8.1 Plus) great value for money?

07 April 2019
Its camera can deliver high-res and ultra-wide photos without and it costs about half the price of the Nokia 9 PureView.

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  • reddy

No NFC. Joking
same thing with 6.1.

  • AnonD-819322

Kangal, 09 Apr 2019Actually, glass is worse. It's too brittle, and for a devic... moreI actually prefer plastic (matte) and aluminium phones. Never liked glossy plastic or glass. Never understood the fact that many budget Android phones without wireless charging have plastic or glass backs, I'm a fan of the frosted glass on the inner side of the OnePlus 6T back glass, not a fingerprint magnet

  • Anonymous

no nfc no buy

AnonD-819322, 08 Apr 2019Nokia phones never fail JerryRigEverything's bend tests, Xi... moreActually, glass is worse. It's too brittle, and for a device that gets carried around the environment consistently, it needs a durable build.

I get it, there's a tradeoff between hardness, and flexibility, and premium-ness.
Matte-textured Aerospace Polycarbonate remains one of the best materials to use.
Slightly better is probably a Scratch resistant 7000-series Aluminium unibody.
And the best is Military-grade Kevlar backplate.

The front of the device is already glass, and a huge weakpoint. So it needs to be flat (not curved or 2.5D) to allow it to have scratch AND shock absorption by using a disposable Tempered Glass screen protector.
Bonus points for using a Sapphire-Crystal over the display (like Diver's watches).
And slightly worse would be to use a high-end Gorilla Glass, with the rubber-edging we see on the latest flagships.

The cheap or bad materials are things like:
- Non-tempered front Glass
- Hard-plastic front display
- Glass backs
- Glossy plastic
- Silicon or Rubber (just use a case?)
- Denim (traps too much heat)
- Carbon fibre (not very stiff/too flexible)
- Marble (not shock absorbent enough)
- Wood (it's actually a great material, but because its a living thing, too many inconsistencies to do a thorough or mass produceable result. They would make decent cases.)

  • AnonD-819322

Sausama, 08 Apr 2019I am a Nokia fan but to be honest just look at redmi note 7... moreNokia phones never fail JerryRigEverything's bend tests, Xiaomi has failed almost all of them. You are paying the same for less value but much better build quality. The Redmi Note 7 has glossy plastic on the back instead of glass which is a bad choice, matte plastic or metal would have been acceptable.

Great midranger for its price and specs.

  • Anonymous

Nokia & Xiaomi became garbage about s/w and reliability look elsewhere if want to save your money good luck

  • Sausama

I am a Nokia fan but to be honest just look at redmi note 7 spec and price to know how overpriced this Nokia phone is...

  • gan

As now mobile has become almost use and throw product with one year regular software/parts support with builtin battery. So most people are now becoming aware of this and willing to pay between $100 to $500. This means flagship product should be within $500 which people use for 6 month to 2 year.

So this type flagship priced midrange product with only legendary name on it will not sell and make that nokia again legend.

Chinese companies know it and adapted to it very smartly. Its very high time SONY, Nokia, LG and Samsung to come to reality to survive.

  • hmm

Saw, 08 Apr 2019I don't understand where you found any practical thing to h... moreIf you only know on what i replied this comment of practical thinking, then you would not say it. While there is nothing practical on buying Nokia products. Over priced garbage. I rahter get me a Redmi Note 7 for under 200 euro that has SD660 in it too or Mi A2. Or just wait when the A3 coming out

  • mgz`

The only drawback is the 660 and the fact that it won't probably hit all the markets on time (Europe etc.)
Other than that its a great overall device!

If the jpeg post process is as bad as the one in the Nokia 9, it worst thing than the cheap chip. A shame since a really prefer the Zeiss lens to the Leica ones. But wait n see.

  • Alien

Talk about the wolf wearing a sheepskin..
I don't trust "Nokia"..

  • Saw

hmm, 07 Apr 2019It's practical thinking. Something you never will understand !I don't understand where you found any practical thing to have an old phone disguised for 350 dollars...

But if you're happy with that it's practically your problem my friend ;)

  • Anonymous

This is a great device with the modern punch hole display. Appreciating Nokia in taking effort to bring this display to its devices. And more importantly it avoids the not so functional and unnecessary in-display fingerprint sensor. Great battery in sheet as well. Nokia almost covers all the important aspects of a good device except for the processing power. A modern SD 675 or SD 710 would have been a great catch and would have been a perfect high end mid-ranger.

This phone is generally quite good IMO, yet the price is slightly higher at launch.
I hope Nokia can add back NFC in the global version.

Dany, 07 Apr 2019If you ask about the value for money put the price in the a... moreThe worst part of this article is that, they will follow up with a secondary article and say something along the lines of "most of you agreed, this is great value for money".

However, read the comments and there's people putting evidence as to why it isn't by citing alternatives that are better and cheaper. And others explaining what features/changes this device would require to be at least decent or good value.

The Poll Options don't give you a chance to say "it's not good for value", and the article purposely excludes the price of the handset and alternatives at the same price point. Hence, it's either malicious or has been very poorly written.

Other reviewers once explained to me, the reason why Tech Journalist do this is to keep the OEMs happy so they can continue to receive review units, free samples, and funding. That isn't journalism, that is advertising pretending to be. And I hope that is not what is happening here.

  • Anonymous

Johan, 07 Apr 2019I would like to buy a new phone with a budget of 400 euros ... moreIf you're buying a Nokia make sure it's an Android One phone or else you're in for some tinkering.
I'd advise you to check out older Sony, they depreciate quickly and have great value for their price a few months after the launch. Perhaps you'll be able to snatch am XZ2C for that price and that's a whole another league.

Good phone, but at any case no vfm, it has the same CPU with Mi A2, yet doynle the price. Its price goes way beyond pocophone, which is the best value for money there is, flagship class CPU, with lower than midrange price. The X71 is the way to go for Nokia though, the first one with 2019 bezels, now they have to increase battery capacity, start using oled for their €300+ phones and most important dont go past 7.5 cm width, to keep the phone one hand operable

  • hmm

[deleted post]It's practical thinking. Something you never will understand !