Counterclockwise: naming things  is hard,  so every new phone is called the "One"

07 April 2019
HTC One, OnePlus One, Android One, Google One, tech companies don't have much imagination when it comes to naming things.

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  • AnonD-794217

Everyone thinks that Galaxy Mega phone is weird, now every phone released with mega size not looking weird.

Looks like I'm not the only ONE (heh) noticing this dumb trend, lazy bums.
So many thanks for bringing this up in this article, this needs to stop honestly and I'd rather have my software/device called a ThinQ than a One.

  • Anonymous

U missed 1000.
Lenovo a4000, a5000, a6000 & a7000

super article;)

A mad name game ..
We don't buy a phone by seeing it name