Google confirms the Pixel 3a, mid-2019 launch expected

06 April 2019
We may see the Pixel 3a and 3a XL go official at Google I/O 2019 next month.

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  • Sip

Nik, 07 Apr 2019Please bring grey/ash like backplate color similiar to ipho... moreYeah, just black, especially just white is not inviting. slight hue similiar to galaxy s10 white or perhaps silver backplate with black front is captivating for males.

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2019I'd agree in part, the 3 are mid ranged devices, with a top... moreAnd I agree with camera and CPU/GPU but if we look closer, even a midrange phone got a wide angle or telephoto camera and some midrange phones got 3 or 4 cameras.
Just imagine Pixel camera + 5x optical zoom and an ultra wide angle camera. I think if google would add 2GB more RAM and a telephoto and ultrawilde camera, could at least sell some Pixel 3 devices. For real you can buy a Pixel 3 XL for 550€ (from retailer) in my region and still people avoid it, maybe 20€ investigation could help google to sell their devices for 100€ more, and maybe people would buy 'em.

  • 18.5:9 Screen Ratio

So the two screen ratios are 18.5:9 and 18:9

I would prefer 21:9 which is big screen cinema ratio.

Waste of time and money.
There are so many better and cheaper phones out this have no practical use.
But suit your self.

Google has become the ultimate scam company. The Phone they launched a few months ago is a mid range device sold at flagship prices. This is a lower mid range device, to try get their unfiltered hate speech delivery service out to more people.
#DontBeEvil Remember those days, Google?

  • Anonymous

Dr. Chillo, 07 Apr 2019Google pixel 3 is already a midrange phone for the price of... moreI'd agree in part, the 3 are mid ranged devices, with a top end still camera, and a flagship processor. The 3a is a mid ranged device at a better price.

  • Nik

Please bring grey/ash like backplate color similiar to iphone 6s Black front and not pure white but silver/grey back). though, more lighter pink than pixel 3 will also do the job.

nigerianprince, 07 Apr 2019One 8gb + one 2gb module, possibly.It must be equal size to work.

  • rez1

Kingslayer, 06 Apr 2019I decided I won't wait on this and will try to find a brand... moreI'm kind of agreeing with you. I will go for max $350 for this midranger if they include earphone in the box and oled display. otherwise, i think, pixel 3 or 2 is better than spending $400-500 especially when pix3 is already available at $599.

Luxor, 06 Apr 2019Oh, so how does 10gbram works? Two 5gb ram don't exist. One 8gb + one 2gb module, possibly.

If this ends up with a similar camera experience with Pixel 3 at about 400 dollars it will be great.

I could see myself getting one.

If it ends up at around 500+ it would be a very hard sell since Xiaomi and OnePlus are already there with a camera experience that's decent already and other high end features too.

  • Anonymous

Hope they release this under $300 or they'll have a tough time competing with Chinese brands

Google pixel 3 is already a midrange phone for the price of a flagship, pixel 3a will be surely a budget phone for the price of a midrange phone.
Well done google, 3d gen. pixel phones are just horrible. Continue like this and you’ll join HTC and Sony.

When Google gave up its Nexus series, I felt strange as Nexus line was so popular, and top~mid-tier seems to the mainstream of smartphones - affordable but powerful. After a few years of pushing premium phones, Google suddenly aimed at mid-tier market again, but with weaker specs while there are more competitors in the market. Many people emphasized stock android is unrivaled in every aspects. Well, stock android is the best IMO, yet I do not think customers in some markets can accept the extra costs. I cannot see a easy win of Google over other cheaper brands.

  • Anonymous

shortkey, 06 Apr 2019Utterly uninteresting devices. If they had sub 5 inch scree... moreGot to agree, though I dont want one. Samsung just about nailed it. Their S10e is a shove in the right direction. Wish Google had a 4.8inch, a 5.8 inch and a 6.2 inch set. You'd think that their goal of being reference hardware makers would lend itself to the experiment.

  • Sathish

So Sargo is notched and Bonito is notchless..

  • Essen

Not a fan of stock Android, but I was hoping with the Pixel 3 -- 5.5 inches, 68mm wide -- one-handed phones will return. With the 3a promising similar dimensions, I don't think it won't set any cat among the 6+inch pigeons dawdling about in the name of mobility. Unless the iPhone SE 2 rumours where they bung in a 5.42-inch screen into a footprint similar to a 5s/SE are real... But that's still 2020. If that doesn't take off, and Android OEMs don't follow the lead, then I must accept I am the only idiot in the world who thinks a mobile phone should be compact to aid with the mobility.

  • Anonymous

Vic, 06 Apr 2019Looks like when Google finally releases these phones they w... moreAnd xiaomi,nokia,oppo,vivo,oneplus and even samsung with its new A series

  • Vic

Looks like when Google finally releases these phones they will be completely obsolete in terms of design and have a lot of competing models from Huawei and Honor.

I decided I won't wait on this and will try to find a brand new first generation Pixel on eBay.

The first generation Pixel which I had owned for 6 months before has a headphone jack and a metal back. If I can get a 128 GB in black for $200, the merrier. I know it's nearly three years old but I specifically want it because I love the shape of that phone. It was very comfortable to hold.

I don't want to spend $400-$500 for a midrange SoC. The og Pixel and Pixel 3 have the same amount of RAM. And my Essential Phone which had Snapdragon 835 is slightly slower opening magazines in pdf form compared to my LGs which had SD820. If I get the og, I can keep it at Pie. I don't see anything I want from Q.

Android Pie is the perfect software version for me. I know some hate it but I love it. I don't want Google to mess things up with Android Q. This Pixel 3a is a waste of money if anything higher than $300. Stick to only flagship SoCs even if it's an older one.