Samsung Galaxy A40 in for review

10 April 2019
Samsung's gem of a midranger is here.

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  • Amchu
  • Kxb
  • 29 Apr 2019

Andre, 26 Apr 2019Is the review coming yet ?Camera samples , speaker output rating, battery endurance rating, benchmark test etc are all out on specifications page, yet the review is not published? What is going on ? It has been nearly 20 days since this article has been published

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    • Andre
    • uJx
    • 26 Apr 2019

    Is the review coming yet ?

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      • agon13
      • ajf
      • 17 Apr 2019

      Finally a medium spec samsung with a decent size. Tired of all >6" phones, so annoying for one handed use. Smaller sizes are much more practical for outdoor use.

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        • s_k
        • nQ}
        • 15 Apr 2019

        Sebstin, 14 Apr 2019may be another 100 phones with similar specs.. WHy all A... moreYes! Agree, some of us would like smaller phones ..... Pllllleeeease. :)

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          • Sebstin
          • kjm
          • 14 Apr 2019

          Anonymous, 11 Apr 2019How many Galaxy Axx will they launch in this series?may be another 100 phones with similar specs..

          WHy all A10-A90 phones are 6"+ size?.. Why cant they release few 5-5.5" compact form factor phones?.

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            • Gary
            • bx9
            • 13 Apr 2019

            Looks like a mix of Huawei & iPhone on the back, Oppo/vivo on the front.

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              • Anonymous
              • vMf
              • 13 Apr 2019

              Why has colour gone rainbow on coral blue like that pic? I don't like it

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                • Anonymous
                • vV5
                • 11 Apr 2019

                This dark chrome is quite nice on the first glance, but the fingerprint reader ruin it and also be bored with it.

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                  • PeeT
                  • 3uq
                  • 11 Apr 2019

                  Mid-range King is here!

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                    • sm4rt4ss
                    • pFU
                    • 11 Apr 2019

                    @anonymous or you could go with Xperia XA2 which I have now. But I'm thinking of switching to A40 or Mi9SE.

                      It looks like a cheap copy of Huawei phones

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Aq3
                        • 11 Apr 2019

                        Always had al the Sony Compacts due to size and speed. Didn't want the X compact so went for the Huawei Nova (the first) that worked flawless for nearly 2 years. Then tried a ZX1 compact again but could't get used again to the small screen and low resolution. Also seemed to have a few strange display quirks so a no go. Then bought the MI A2 lite that i used for a month but sadly fell to the ground, braking the screen.
                        The A2 lite was pretty heavy and very thick in hands. Speed was ok-ish as it uses the 625 that was also in the Nova. The camera and its software where not as goed as that on the Nova. The finger print scanner also not as fast as on the Nova. Yes: you get a lot of phone for the price but it really has its flaws.

                        I then bought the A40, and while i have never been a fan of Samsung i can gladly say that its a perfect device for me! I like a relative small phone that's under 70 mm thick while having a screen as large as possible. I'm not a gamer, can't give a shit about PUBG and such which seems to be the standard in testing nowadays, strange world we live in.
                        The size is perfect, the weight is perfect, the back is glass-free so big bonus although i would have liked aluminium better. The speed is enough for me, the OS is smooth although i still use NOVA launcher. Battery life is enough for a full day with lots of on-screen time. Charging is very fast: from almost 0 to full in 1,5 hour. Finger print scanner is fast enough, almost on par with the old Nova.
                        Camera seems to be enough for me and has the nice and usable wide-angle feature.

                        All in all this phone that is a must try for anyone that likes a compact phone but doesn't want to spend too much.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • xv4
                          • 11 Apr 2019

                          How many Galaxy Axx will they launch in this series?

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                            • Borius
                            • mt5
                            • 11 Apr 2019

                            Interested in this vs mi9se.

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                              • Johan
                              • fjS
                              • 11 Apr 2019

                              Gsmarena please review the samsung A50.
                              Alot of people would apreciate it.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • XNk
                                • 11 Apr 2019

                                Anonymous, 10 Apr 2019FPS is too high. Should be 8mm below .... Same happens... moreYou can't fit a big battery if you place the fingerprint scanner too low. What would you rather have?

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                                  • regs
                                  • DL{
                                  • 11 Apr 2019

                                  Luxor, 11 Apr 2019It's a capacitive sensor. Not a dactyloscopic scanner. Only... moreIt's a matter of religion.

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                                    • PA7
                                    • 11 Apr 2019

                                    Anonymous, 10 Apr 2019FPS is too high. Should be 8mm below .... Same happens... moreTrue, S10e fingerprint sensor is placed too high.

                                    But A40 sensor placement is about right since it has similar dimension compared to A3 2017.

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                                      • Luxor
                                      • KZK
                                      • 11 Apr 2019

                                      regs, 10 Apr 2019It took a while to understand that FPS is finterprint senso... moreIt's a capacitive sensor. Not a dactyloscopic scanner. Only a full fledge fingerprint scanner called a scanner. Phone only used sensor type.

                                        Samsung Galaxy A40 | Case Hardened