Samsung Galaxy Note10 model numbers confirm two sizes

12 April 2019
The phone will have model numbers SM-N970 and SM-N975, while SM-N971 and SM-N976 will be the 5G versions.

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  • 07 Sep 2019

I just got from eBay Hong-Kong/China version of Galaxy Note 10 (SM-N9700).
I bought this version because it was at a big discount.
I checked the frequencies and channels and it suits the carriers I'm using.
Also, it includes the same CPU and RAM

But a minute before I opened the box I notice this article
I love Google apps and services and use them all the time.

Before I open the box I really want to know if I can install and use google apps without any issues?
I prefer to avoid any root hacking or install new firmware.

Also in the E-Bay, it was signed with "/DS" suffix which means it's dual-sim
But when I looked on the box it was with this suffix
I use two different carriers, one local and one international.
Does all note10 SM-N9700 come with Dual-Sim capabilities?


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    • mobileman
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    • 19 Apr 2019

    i hope, i really hope than samsung lessen mre users and included note 10 pop-up camera and 3.5mm audio plug.

    also 5000mah battery and IR sensor will be great and wanted.

    specailly, NOT same front camera as galaxy s10 series and i mean ingrated hope for spy master, you can cover it.

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      • 14 Apr 2019

      No visible inset punch holes/ interruption in display
      The Note9's body is almost perfect (just a couple of mm's too tall @
      161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm (6.37 x 3.01 x 0.35 in).
      The Note10 is rumoured to be 6.75" which is likely to exceed my max height, so this comment is for the smaller Note10e.

      Shaving off a couple of mm in height would help it fit in more pockets easier, so a max height of 159.9 mm, but keep the width @ 76.4 mm.

      But I see your looking at a 6.28" display, hmm, could be a bit too small for a Note?
      Maybe best to go for a 6.3" display, but in any case achieve this by reducing the height, keeping the width @ 76 mm, so < 18.5: 9 AR
      Looks like there's demand/ preference for this to be a flat display, with hifi quality stereo speakers & 3.5mm jack socket.

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        • Bangi
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        • 14 Apr 2019

        Kiyasuriin, 13 Apr 2019Have you SEEN the note 10 already? How do you know it’s the... morebecause its samsung lol

          Kiyasuriin, 13 Apr 2019Have you SEEN the note 10 already? How do you know it’s the... moreProbably from previous S and NOTE high-end flagships, as the NOTEs will usually follow the same design suite as the Ss. The first leaked images of the GALAXY NOTE 10 has yet to be seen, so we can't really make a judgement as to whether it'll be using the design found on the S or not. Who knows, maybe they'll be doing something different for the GALAXY NOTE 10 this year, u never know

            DXB, 13 Apr 2019You are right but you need to add a bigger battery too. Th... moreTrue, but its logic for me and u, but not the phone makers :-/
            Right now i have the mate 20X with a perfect battery, before this i had honor note 10 with a perfect battery, honor 8x max with a perfect battery, mi max 3 with a perfect battery, Sammy note 8 (for 1 week) with a silly battery size and before this asus zenfone 3 ultra with a really good battery, all those i has since 2016, only one here dont understand putting a big battery into my phone was Samsung and big display phones they dont make any longer.
            For me 18/9 6,7 is not big at all. Years ago my note 4 and 5 in my loving ratio 16/9 was some of the biggest on the market. But hornest, i dont care for Sammy any longer, the other brand i write about here make really good phones, so no need for the Android Apple here.

              johnwick, 13 Apr 2019same boring dated design from sam'sdung note10We dont know... Or do u?
              But u probably right, but still... I dont know.

                AnonD-732843, 13 Apr 2019Which Note do you currently have?Using Note8 since October 2017, the most expensive phone I ever bought. So I will probably keep it until 2020.

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                  • coyz
                  • sxs
                  • 13 Apr 2019

                  If this phone carries less than 5000mAh of battery, its a big NO for me.

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                    • 13 Apr 2019

                    BigDisplay, 12 Apr 2019Flat display, 16/9 and 6,7 inch thx.You are right but you need to add a bigger battery too.
                    The manufacturers are fighting in fields like camera, ram, screen to body ratio etc.. But they don't care about the gigantic batteries.

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                      • Anshul
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                      • 13 Apr 2019

                      AnonD-732843, 13 Apr 20191. Flat screen version 2. Minimally curved screen version.... moreYou forgot to ask for a free Porsche 911 with it.

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                        • 13 Apr 2019

                        Whatever but no punch hole cam setup plz. Just clean screen.

                          johnwick, 13 Apr 2019same boring dated design from sam'sdung note10Have you SEEN the note 10 already? How do you know it’s the same???

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                            • Maria
                            • 61D
                            • 13 Apr 2019

                            Somehow I love the thin bezel to be the place of any sensors, raher than Samsung did in this 2019.

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                              • 8IP
                              • 13 Apr 2019

                              I know this sounds very optimistic, but i expect the highest screen ratio ever possible in a smartphone using a perfectly bezeless, notchless infinity display screen with underdisplay selfie camera.

                                Mr Magma, 12 Apr 2019Note 10e: 6.3" flat display, side fingerprint reader, singl... morelmao xd

                                  AnonD-732843, 13 Apr 20191. Flat screen version 2. Minimally curved screen version.... moreYes yes yes! All this and 16:9 screen would make it a perfect device.

                                    >6.2 inches
                                    >the same size of a standard S10
                                    >and has a S Pen

                                    I creamed so hard, can't wait for August

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                                      • AnonD-732843
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                                      • 13 Apr 2019

                                      1. Flat screen version
                                      2. Minimally curved screen version.
                                      3. No iris scanner.
                                      4. IR blaster.
                                      5. Dedicated 2-stage hardware camera button.
                                      6. Faster boot-up / faster Wi-Fi connecting.
                                      7. Instant screen on wake.
                                      8. Instant camera readiness.
                                      8. Transfer all hidden/secret code service mode menus to a dedicated diagnostic menu in settings or developer options. (tired of these stupid never ending *#*#*#...)
                                      9. Eliminate the hybrid slot by making a dedicated triple card slot tray.
                                      10. Don't be cheap and make a longer and thicker data / charging cable.
                                      11. Since you acquired AKG, then show us what you're capable of by bringing much louder and better speakers to the table as well.

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                                        • 13 Apr 2019

                                        Aadrian, 12 Apr 2019The only Samsung Galaxy device series that have my interest... moreWhich Note do you currently have?