Huawei denies reports about selling 5G modems to Apple

16 April 2019
Huawei says it's not changing its strategy and it hasn't even talked to Apple about 5G modems.

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5g is mostly gimmicks now anyway, Apple was late in 4g game too, I am sure they will be fine about 5g

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2019Still quite difficult to wrap one's mind around the benefits of ... moreYeah I second your opinion.. In fact I'm only on 3G when I'm using data and I stream Youtube just fine.. When I'm on wifi I'll revert back to 2G to save battery on my 4G phone.. If 4G is overrated then 5G is even more so.. Mind you even my home ISP here in Malaysia is at 10mbps and I have a hard time maxxing that.. Comparing to HSDPA at 42mbps, LTE at 1gbps, 5G at ??? I can't comprehend when my 10mbps serve me just fine on my workstation at home

ProJames-CHM, 17 Apr 2019Less hardware sales = less services sales too. If people leave A... moreAh, true. I wonder how they will deal with that problem. I have heard rumors of an iPhone XE in the works, possibly in between prices of 500 and 600. It could be a value proposition if done correctly, and perhaps could help sales flow

  • Kai Sosceles

This rumor was DoA. With Huawei's ties to the Chinese government all over the media, there's no way they'd be using their tech. Countries wouldn't allow their phones to be sold based on a single part of the entire device. Obviously a bad business decision.

Walter C. Dornez, 17 Apr 2019True, though even though hardware sales are slipping, the servic... moreLess hardware sales = less services sales too. If people leave Apple because others have advanced technology, Apple won't be able to charge for their services

Waaa its a very first time apple is not copying but making they own congrats.
After dozens of years which this company exist on markets its pretty unbelievable for such a thing.

ProJames-CHM, 17 Apr 2019Yup that's Appdle. An yet, their sales are still slipping. They ... moreTrue, though even though hardware sales are slipping, the services could help balance that out

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2019Still quite difficult to wrap one's mind around the benefits of ... moreAnd exactly the most important aspect is the lateby dude. I hope you're not an i$h€€p and you're just talking about 5G and not only because Apple is not able to bring their 5G in the market.
So let's talk about 5G. It's all about latency, low latency is a big thing dude. There's a dozens of benifits of low latency. It's not all about streaming full HD video even some expensive junks like iPhone XR doen't have Full HD resolution, it means for those people 3G is more than enough, BUT just think about video calls, internet calls, hotspotting etc.

Hahaaaaaaaa, I can remember people said Apple is leader of innovation and quality but seems like Apple is running after all other companies at the moment. All big names got 5G but Apple doesn't and yet Huawei doesn't want even sell 'em their 5G modem. omfg it's so funny to see "LEADER OF INNOVATION"(ironic) company is wining out to find a supplier for their future 5G phones, meanwhile other Android phones got their 5G devices already in 2019 (Apple MAY release 5G in 2021, it means minimum 2.5 years later than all other android manufactureres)

Apple will "wait" for maturity of 5G market. Only then will put those chips to their mobile devices.

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Still quite difficult to wrap one's mind around the benefits of the whole 5G hype for the common end customer. Any tech enthusiast willing to chip in please? 'Cause from my viewpoint 4G (and even 3G to some degree) are perfectly sufficient even for the foreseeable future, aren't they?
- streaming video (incl. video calls) is all right once you are in the 10-20 Mbit/s range.
- uploading mobile-generated content to the likes of Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp is not a problem to be solved either.
- audio streaming, e-mails, messaging are all things which use just a fraction of current technologies' potential.
- one of the very few potential issues I might see is the latency. But then, which real-world use scenario apart from online gaming is that much dependent on low latency that it can't settle for 4G?
- another possible motivation for 5G deployment might be the ability to deal with the ever-increasing traffic volume; but couldn't it be solved with scaling of existing infrastructure?
I wouldn't pretend I'm a specialist in comms tech so I'd be happy for any educated reasoning ;) Because right now, I've got the impression that 5G is another excuse for hardware companies and carriers to keep customers paying higher prices than necessary (if given a choice, I'd personally stay on 3G for a more reasonable price and more robust network - we're talking UK level of services).

  • Anonymous

Most of the country don't have 5G provided, why don't spend some R&D to create own 5G chipset?

  • YC

APPLE QUALCOMM Battle comes to end..

See Forbes Article dated April 17, 2019 here:­/04/17/the-apple-qualcomm-deal-reaffirms-the-val­ue-of-ip-and-technology-leadership/#77a604a56dcc­­

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Apple likes cheap spare part just like Battery quality 5s,6,6s, and lcd pop-up ip8, bending on 6.
Denied doesnt mean not going to happen

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To the hottie fanboys of apple:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH COME ON, go ahead in trying to invent your own, if you can...

Walter C. Dornez, 17 Apr 2019True, though it is Apple we're talking about. This is the compan... moreYup that's Appdle. An yet, their sales are still slipping. They need a half-baked 5G product ASAP, and then add whatever next year's buzzword is, brand it Apple iThing+ and implement proper 5G, which could be called 5GX or something

ProJames-CHM, 17 Apr 2019Because hardware sales are slowing down. Nothing like some poorl... moreTrue, though it is Apple we're talking about. This is the company that chose to put 3G and 4G later than other OEMs

Voxter, 17 Apr 2019Few hours before... In a statement, Intel CEO Bob Swan said that... moreYeah, but what need does Apple need to get 5G quickly. By the time it becomes ready, mass production could help it get the complete product, even if it comes later

  • cruizer

The rumors were probably started by Huawei itself. Anyway, sorry but Apple has already chosen to go with Qualcomm. Most likely Intel just waited for Apple to announce its deal with Qualcomm before going public with their inevitable exit.

Walter C. Dornez, 17 Apr 2019Great. Though I wonder why Apple is in a rush to get 5G. It's pr... moreFew hours before... In a statement, Intel CEO Bob Swan said that there is "no clear path to profitability and positive returns" in the smartphone modem business.

"We are very excited about the opportunity in 5G and the 'cloudification' of the network, but in the smartphone modem business it has become apparent that there is no clear path to profitability and positive returns," said Intel CEO Bob Swan. "5G continues to be a strategic priority across Intel, and our team has developed a valuable portfolio of wireless products and intellectual property. We are assessing our options to realize the value we have created, including the opportunities in a wide variety of data-centric platforms and devices in a 5G world."

Which could translate into ... Apple has had to lower their pants ... lol. No Huawei modems, no Intel modems ... MediaTek and UniSOC? With what speed and when? Or simply do not want any Chinese modem design due to US goverment so to submit to Qualcomm and shut up... as even trying to design their own modems could end in a lot of patents conflicts with not only Qualcomm plus Intel, Huawei, etc, in the future.