Lenovo Z6 Pro to have four cameras on the back

18 April 2019
The phone was also benchmarked on AnTuTu, scoring over 400,000.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2019Didn't Black Shark 2 score more?Black Shark 2 has only 359973 score.

Walter C. Dornez, 18 Apr 2019Hm, idk. I still wouldn't trust them completely hereWell we will see when phone gets out.

CptPower, 18 Apr 2019The score is impressive as we should expect from a top comp... moreHm, idk. I still wouldn't trust them completely here

  • KMB877

I'm wondering why such a major difference between phones branded Lenovo and Motorola.

  • Alex

No global ROM, no European 4G bands and no dual GPS. In the official shop in AE the Z5 Pro doesn't appear and I suppose it'll be the same for the Z6 Pro.

Chang Cheng, if you don't look outside apart from China I'll have to buy a Xiaomi 5G.

  • Anonymous

And every time Lenovo substitutes something different than they showed, are you going go along with it? I am still waiting for the 4 camera block they showed last year.

I just had to buy a lenovo tablet, and found it not only had the same bug as their phone I bought, but a defect. Do they think people will buy a lesser phone at this rate.

I have a feeling those cameras will work like Nokia 9 Pureview and 100MP image will be combined picture from all 4 cameras

  • Mike

The usual Lenovo....hype and then shit. Like with all their phones

  • Anonymous

Didn't Black Shark 2 score more?

The score is impressive as we should expect from a top computer making company well known for its legion series.

Wow is that score is correct this is some serious CPU optimization
U can only tell the GPU gap between Adreno 640 and the Mali piece of junk that sit inside Kirin & Exynos CPUs.

  • Yeah Right

It will have 100mpx on all cameras.

48mp main
20mp ultra wide
16mp zoom
16mp depth or black and white

SHAZAMM, 18 Apr 2019remember Huawei..yh im not getting my hopes upI remember Lienovo :)

  • Anonymous

Ok, 100MPx is in Red camera color.

  • Martin

Ok Lenovo 4 camera and Main camera with 100MPx and second 48?MPx?

remember Huawei..yh im not getting my hopes up