Nokia expected to sell 37 million Windows Phones in 2012

12 January, 2012
Morgan Stanley expects Nokia's WP portfolio to achieve rapid growth in 2012 and 2013.

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  • 1911

if this didn't works well with wp7 like it should nokia will have symbian - and they will try to sell it like something new - an open source os!
it may be like this... i would like to an new high-end meego device also!!!!

  • AdamBoy64

Ando, 12 Jan 2012Joke of the day :)What is?

  • Robert

vasra, 12 Jan 2012Morgan Stanley might be way off this time. I'd be surprised i... moreyou may be as it seems that you are more optimistic than Morgan Stanley. they forecast 1 mil in 2011 and you just forecast 13 mil. pay more attention next time.

  • Ando

Joke of the day :)

  • AnonD-13744

why are you guys even arguing...the results will speak for itself....
Android has total market dominance, doesn't mean its dominate the pc market and its garbage. What android does is give customers more options and freedom.
Nokia phones are not going to sell, windows mobile had its chances with 5 and 6.

  • Bll

Riddle, 12 Jan 2012Come on, people! Dual core processors are just commercial trick... moreProof of this please are just speculating on press called reviewers. I have no such issues on my Single core Desire s.

  • benjitek

They must be planning on coming out with devices that have more and/or expandable memory -- current and coming-soon Nokia WP7 devices aren't going to generate those kind of numbers. Fun to dream though...

  • vasra

Morgan Stanley might be way off this time.

I'd be surprised if Nokia can actually deliver 15M to end users this year.

  • sammi giggs

ahmed, 12 Jan 2012no you wrong i sow lumia 800 and galaxy s2 s2 faster and s... moreWP apps aint power hungry like Androids so seamless on a single core proccesor and good bat lyf

  • AndroidFan

with MyCrowSoft ? lolzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

It's great to see another positive prediction on WP7: more choices and competition is always better for the customers.

At the others: have you ever heard of proper punctuation, capitalization and other devices of syntax? Your Facebook wall posts-like posts are damn eyesores.

  • Riddle

Come on, people! Dual core processors are just commercial trick. OK, maybe they're necessary for Android because it is not very polished OS and it's need so much resources. 1 GHz WP7 smartphone works faster and smoother than half Android dual core smartphones. WP provides best user experience. Just try and you'll see.

  • AnonD-19153

Yeah Keep Dreaming Nokia ^^

  • AnonD-8044

Ive had the lot except W7 and agree with single core fones because i am running s/e xperia pro with 32GB card and 54 Apps and no lag..The only lag is from the bloody networks and despite a big H on my info bar speeds are crap..

I have got a quadcore computer now with 16GB RAM.. Forget GPU ,in real performance of every day things its no faster than my old 1.6 GHZ laptop with 512MB RAM..I would swap this computer with a 8GHZ CPU if it was possible single core only because the other 4 cores do nowt..My computer has turbo boost and often hits the 3.7GHz mark and if it could go to 10 GHz it would and thats were the speed is NOT the quad-cores..

So to sum up i would buy a smartfone with 2.4GHZ CPU over a quadcore running all 4 cores @ 1.2GHz smartfone anyday..

  • AnonD-16334

AnonD-1082, 12 Jan 2012And Android smart toys fails even on individual apps. A lot of a... moreics is well optimized for dual cores and its dual core supported apps would come out soon...but think about your case atleast you've to wait till 2013 to use a dual core wp7 and 2014 for its supported apps .we are lucky compared to your cursed long waiting! ok that 55 percent unsatisfyed people(might be a fake survey or article) should taste the real sore wp7 to know how good os was they were used..i heard so many people got sick of wp7...but MS has future in tablet segment running w8 os only .nothing more to dream

  • AnonD-4697

No this is the Joye of the year­droid-is-differentiated-not-fragmented/

Android IS FRAGMENTED, so many UI so many hands at, if Android was only made, design and manipulated by Googles other will be the history...this is the main reason of Updates delays...

  • someone

I currently have a android 2.2 phone which is so much irritating. It keeps unmounting my sd card and does not connect with it most of the time. As a result 80% of my apps do not work. This isbullshit device.

  • AnonD-37832

Is It Joke Of D Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nokia C7

Hey nokia ...first lauch the update for other symbians to belle ...that would become more than 37 million ....

  • nokiafan

rebel, 12 Jan 2012Also no flash,no memory card slot,only one bad and expensive gps... moreSamsung galaxy nexus ...which they made such a big hype is full of errors. Every other week we hear news saying google brings in updates to fix that and this.
This is supposed to be android flagship device for the season .... dont u knw that even it does not have a card slot and it does not have radio and it has a 5mp cam, no document editing.