Leak shows Moto Z4 will have a 6.4" screen, S675 chipset and 48MP camera

19 April 2019
Aside from the slightly larger screen, this sounds very much like the Moto Z4 Play rumors (which in turn match with the Moto P40 rumors).

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it should have 2 rear cameras at least

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    • 20 Apr 2019

    Quantify, 19 Apr 2019These would be excellent specs! The 600 series really is a... moreHow long wil OP live? Thats for begineer, i try but price just dont lie

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      • 19 Apr 2019

      Surely if both phones are Moto mod compatible and have notched displays the displays would have to be the same size

        Winter, 19 Apr 2019Too many hopes till the reality cut them all...Well that's no big deal in 2019. If one phone doesn't meet expectations then there are others to fall back to in the sea of phones in 2019. Samsung A70 is a pretty good alternate to Z4/Z4 Play also there's A60 as well.

        If anything, reality cutting down the hopes will actually make it easier to decide which phone to buy..lol

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          • 19 Apr 2019

          So, in the beginning, there’s the Moto X series as the flagship.
          Then Lenovo made the X as midrange and released the Z as flagship.
          Now the Z itself becomes mid range.
          Moto/Lenovo is dying.

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            • 19 Apr 2019

            Too many hopes till the reality cut them all...

              All looks good except for the In-display scanner, would have preferred a side mounted physical scanner(with OLED display ofc) over the In-display one. Just hoping it has stereo speakers, UFS storage and is priced under $400.

                That price is ridiculous. Total flop.

                  These would be excellent specs! The 600 series really is a great balance of performance and efficiency; my Z3 Play in real life does everything my wife's OP6 does, it just lasts longer (even without a battery mod). Would love to see OIS on the Z4 but that's about it.

                    This better be false. They already screwed up Moto Z3. They must not screw up Moto Z4 (or preferably Moto Z4 Force).

                      its a scam news! for sure its Z4 play version,same phone with snap 675 or maybe 712/730, flagship phone cannot have 6xx/7xx snapdragon series!!! Z4 flagship for sure will have snap 855, bcs there is still didnt announced flagship from Motorola for 2019 year, it will be probably as usually announced in august or in middle of summer months like every year, this time hope with snap 855..