Smartphone maker Yota files for bankruptcy

22 April 2019
We won't be seeing YotaPhone 4.

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Well their phones were very interesting at that time.
Its shame a good companies have to go and the bad ones with bad habbits remains and took fresha air and ideas from others.

Well HTC will follow them soon and this was such a big company back in 10-15 years ago.
Sony and LG can folow their phones barelly selling.
I dont see the point feeding dead branch with fruitfull ones like Sony TV department or audio department which selling very well and have money to support its mobile phone segment which noone interests now.
LG goes the same way.

  • m?mm

Yotta bankrupty way more than mega,. Bill Browder are you again this Russian oligarchs start running in circles

  • Goodfellow

Really liked their concept for mobile phones. Hope another Russian mobile company hire all their engineers and create another brilliant phone.

  • Anonymous

Unlike companies like LeEco and Gionee these guys were actually 'doing' something. Sad to see them go.

That's kind of sad, the yotaphones were interesting!

Was hoping to get my hands on one before this happend now its going to be hard in us to get it

  • Yee

...took them a while ;)

  • Couch expert

Aadrian, 22 Apr 2019I liked there phone concept, with the e-ink display. I look... moreThe funniest thing is that the last Yotaphone, model 3, never reached the Russian market (if I remember correctly, it never crossed the Chinese border in the first place)

I liked there phone concept, with the e-ink display. I looked for a Yotaphone on the internet, but it was very difficult to purchase such a device in Europe, or outside Russia I believe. Sad to see them go.

  • Love the Community

This wouldn't happen if they sell YotaPhones in the latest flagship chipset.

I hope nubia or Vivo will take inspiration from Yota by just taking over the company and use e-inks instead of OLED backs.