Our Realme C2 hands-on

22 April 2019
The Realme 3 Pro may be getting all the hype, but with a starting price of INR5,999 ($85) the C2 has a lot going for it.

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  • vaQ
  • 05 Nov 2023

I'm a user of realme c2 for almost 4 years now, and I want to know how to upgrade it? I can't buy a new phone since I can't afford to buy a new one.

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    • Anonymous
    • U@$
    • 25 Nov 2022

    Jafzee, 16 Oct 2022My phoneYes 8

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      • Jafzee
      • I@H
      • 16 Oct 2022

      My phone

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        • Rhandel
        • sxr
        • 15 Mar 2022

        Please update my realme c2 phone

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          • Anonymous
          • uvk
          • 19 Jun 2021

          Franzwalles, 20 Dec 2019Attention.... I need to know this mobile can upgrade the... moreUpgrdeble To Android 10

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            • justy
            • 7Xi
            • 01 Feb 2021

            i dont know but this phone is soo laggy i cant do anything in games uhh!!

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              • Franzwalles
              • C9a
              • 20 Dec 2019


              I need to know this mobile can upgrade the software version of android

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                • O33R
                • N0a
                • 08 Oct 2019

                should i buy this one or the redmi note 3?
                they are roughly the same price

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                  • XND
                  • 15 Aug 2019

                  Realmi c2 haven't headphone.please known me

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                    • pk
                    • U@9
                    • 07 May 2019

                    are you serious only chager has only 1A output

                      This is a decent phone but zenfone max m1 has more features than C2. Max M1 has fingerprint scanner, 3gb 32gb storage, 4000 mah battery, but with 5.45 screen and 18:9 ratio

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                        • Mah
                        • bEW
                        • 25 Apr 2019

                        I will prefer this just because it has smaller form factor than Redmi 7

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                          • Tae ng Pilipinas
                          • jPA
                          • 23 Apr 2019

                          They should've kept the 4230mah battery, as that is what I liked about the c1 and the realme 3. It's not a deal breaker, I just think it really gives the impression that a company is giving more value if they give out the extra mah in batteries, who likes 3000 mah and 4000 mah? I always get a kick if they put in an extra 230mah on top of it.

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                            • XRB
                            • 23 Apr 2019

                            Does it have call recording feature?

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                              • DEP
                              • 23 Apr 2019

                              Selfie camera is only 5MP, not 13MP as mentioned in the article. Please take note. Thanks.

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                                • Syn
                                • YTY
                                • 22 Apr 2019

                                AnonD-241270, 22 Apr 2019Outdated back look, slow SoC, poor look overall...well, thi... moreU seem to have no clu what u r talking abt. Outdated back? A lot of people prefer this over glossy plastic or glass any day. It doesn't pick up smudges, it doesn't scratch and it offers way more grip. If anything more phones shld revert back to this considering it still looks distinct. And what's this abt, it can't match Redmi phones? The Redmi 6A at the same price is no match for this phone. If anything this phone completely disrupts the market at it's price segment.

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                                  • X41
                                  • gMJ
                                  • 22 Apr 2019

                                  AnonD-241270, 22 Apr 2019Outdated back look, slow SoC, poor look overall...well, thi... moreRedmi series are good upto redmi 5.
                                  Redmi 6, redmi 6a etc are worse than realme c1, let alone realme c2. Their poor display and 3000mah battery with no better camera and ads on ui....go figure

                                    Dimensions are 2mm bigger than I expected in all measurements, but this really puts any Android Go phone to shame as the cheapest 4Ah battery phone around

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                                      • AnonD-241270
                                      • 3E0
                                      • 22 Apr 2019

                                      Outdated back look, slow SoC, poor look overall...well, this cant cost more than 80 bucks for sure, aint gonna put it against the lower Redmi phone eighter, cause it cant match.

                                        I hope it comes to Pakistan. I have purchased C1 but it went low on space too much early. So will purchase 2 32 version of this ASA it arrives.