Lenovo Z6 Pro is official with four cameras and a big battery

23 April 2019
Although it's advertised to have up to 12GB RAM, only 6GB and 8GB variants are coming out for sale for now.

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  • 23 Apr 2019

wait didn't they say they'll go global under the Motorola name and drop the lenovo one except for a few countries? :-?
or did something change and i missed it?

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    • Jake
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    • 23 Apr 2019

    Well, i'll research the bands it support, as I prefer this phone with more useful cameras, OIS, ToF, audio jack, FM Radio, etc, before an overpriced phone with NFC and a 5MP depth sensor...

    If they don't bring us this phone, why they went to Barcelona to make business? The basic Z5 had a Global version... lets see if, perhaps, they release one of this phone. If not obviously will be due to Lenovorola/Motorola... and i'll not going to by those ones.

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      • 23 Apr 2019

      evilmessiah, 23 Apr 2019'Loyal to its fans, the company kept ZUI, although it is no... moreYeah, that's why Lenovo gave ZUI a new life after the failed ZUK series, people were mourning about the interface more than the actual smartphone lineup.

        This phone is only for China. No NFC, no global version, Chinese bloatware.

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          • 23 Apr 2019

          And i forgot that probably is has "FM Radio" too as the previous Z5 Pro and Pro GT models.

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            • 23 Apr 2019

            The new Oneplus. Nice comeback, Lenovo.

              Looks attractive and the price is reasonable compared to highend flagships. Two features it lacks that I would have liked to see, (1) periscope zoom factor and (2) wireless charging. I think now that Huawei has released it's 5x optical / 10x hybride P30 Pro, and Oppo is rumored to be forthcoming with one, I think that increasingly you are going to see zoom capability as an expected standard.

                Is this one going to be available in Europe?

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                  • 23 Apr 2019

                  I don't understand these "liquid cooling" in phones. Without some sort of heatsink / fan, heat dissipation will always severely bottleneck on phone body without decent ventilation. It'll mitigate heat for few seconds to half a minute at best, ie just for benchmark purposes but for apps which need cooling, it's won't make much difference than regular copper plate

                    Pro Me, 23 Apr 2019I'll Believe The Renders Of This Phone When Pigs Fly Or Uni... morehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CiqbnjFK2k

                    Bezels are slightly thicker, but not a big difference. The design itself actually looks pretty good.

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                      • 23 Apr 2019

                      [deleted post]in specs yes, is a OP killer, in the updates and battery duration is a not killer, since Lenovo battery's dont last good, and updates in Lenovo phones is a pain in the a** for good.

                      i even dont see Z5 Pro GT in EUrope so, why this Z6 now? i think they need to focus more in distribution and then when the phones get populated worldwide they can make new ones, Z5 Pro GT dont make even 1 year old.

                        'Loyal to its fans, the company kept ZUI, although it is now a new version - ZUI 11..'
                        ZUI has fans?

                          I'll Believe The Renders Of This Phone When Pigs Fly Or Unicorns Are Amongst Us..