Oppo Reno hands-on review - the non-10x zoom version

24 April 2019
The midranger comes with a Snapdragon 710 instead of the 855 and omits the periscope, but does keep the pivoting selfie cam.

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  • Doc

Reno should had put ways how to put drawers and notification lights while it's charging as it doesn't show..

To top it all,, on d top it shows lipo battery whilst below it shows lion batteries...

Can oppo please look into these..??

  • Roy


This feels like a solid mid-range phone looking at the spec sheet. The lack of IP68 Waterproofing is acceptable, and some downgrades to other components.

Although it must be properly priced, otherwise it's worse than flagship-killers or even ex-flagship phones like the PocoPhone F1 or 2, Xiaomi Mi 9Se, Samsung S8+, LG V30, or OnePlus 6. Around USD $300 sounds to be a good balance of phone and value.

  • Remmant

€500? Muahahahaha Someone was smoking too much...