TikTok is available again in India

25 April 2019
The app can once again be found on Google Play and App Store.

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Only the Chinese make high quality Douyin video.

Whackcar, 25 Apr 2019"Cultural Degradation" There is no such thing as cultural deg... moreThat 'culture evolving' is instead degradation. You need real eyes to see that, not a materialistic one.

  • ay

Last month everyone wants to ban Chinese products

Noooo why, now all the idiots will get back at it :( .

IMO this stupid app should be banned worldwide

"Cultural Degradation"

There is no such thing as cultural degradation. Cultures evolve & progress over time. If cultures had stayed in their original form, all societies would be radical...

I'm no fan of Tik Tok, but I felt the need to mock that BS reason for banning an app.

  • Ravish Kumar

I'm an Indian and this app should be banned here. I've seen the content and the videos can't be played front of parents and in public.