iPhone XI "final" CAD-based renders appear, huge camera bump and all

26 April 2019
If this is the final design of the phone, then it's going to be polarizing to say the least.

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  • sanjai

Please add fingerprint also .it's very use full .

  • john1102

Joshu, 30 Apr 2019If it’s the final design, why don’t that make them now and ... moreit takes time to manufacture and test prototypes and then the production of the actual product to meet demand will take some time also.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 28 Apr 2019LMAO I already saw those renders a few months ago. I cou... moreEnjoy all your information, web activity, audio conversations, pictures, videos, chats, personal life, and personal details being owned by google. lol

  • feith

Disgusting iphone I have ever seen. Big disappointment

  • plymr

So nice of Apple in the shadow of the Notre Dame tragedy, to give their support by giving us a phone that reminds us of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. nicely done Apple with this ugly iphone.

  • Joshu

If it’s the final design, why don’t that make them now and then release them? Why keep waiting till September?

  • Anonymous

I must say it looks horrible. What a fail!

  • Slayer

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2019It's also a misconception that all the ideas they steal are... morePerhaps, but iFruit does do really great hardware but beyond that I find it all a bit, meh! That is my view point and each to their own

  • Anonymous

Very ugly.

  • King of Cow

I hope Apply will consider to delete notch from idevice

  • Anonymous

common, you still want to keep the camera bump? i'm okay to have my phone with another 2mm thick, you can include headphone jack as you have ton's of real estate..

  • Anonymous

Slayer, 28 Apr 2019If we both agree then you need to stop saying Android OEMs ... moreIt's also a misconception that all the ideas they steal are actually implemented better

  • camwar

Another copy of mate 20 triple cam now steve job is going to wake up from the grave...

Ohhhh. This is the ugliest phone design I ever seen
If they there is no camera bump.. Much better to see

  • Slayer

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2019"That being the case, how would anyone be copying the fruit... moreIf we both agree then you need to stop saying Android OEMs are following Apple, that suggests Apple has invented something and others are copying! Bottom line, every phone is basically a glass screen with metal rails these days and manufacturers are finding different ways to house other components. Personally, I could do without front facing cameras altogether and fully invest in the back camera. Another misconception is that the Fruit company was the first to remove the headphone jack, it was not, that was Motorola. What the Fruit company does is steal ideas, implement it better and popularise it. I alsao prefer the design of the Note 9 and that is the reason why, this year, I am interested in the Xperia 1 with its minimalistic bezels and camera centric and media consumption focus. My one concern is that the battery may not be big enough to power that 4K OLED screen in a useful way. However, that remains to be seen given Sony's nous with battery efficiency.

no, this is.... just no

beside the UGLY camera, this huge notch is also not viable after 2 years (personally, I think that it was not viable from the very beginning, but now that android phones have tiny drop notches and pop-up cameras, it's even worse)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2019LOL contradicted? So...Essential wasn't the OG for notch de... moreAnd now you are just making up things as you go

  • Apple lost it

This is plain pathetic.
This reminds me of an old "Redmond, start your photocopiers" ad that Apple did a while back. Just that it's Apple now that started their photocopiers XD
Too bad that they blundered badly when trying to copy the Mate 20 (Pro) camera. Instead of a pleasant centred placement, it's huddling awkwardly in some corner. Instead of a clean arrangement, it has the cameras in a triangle, which doesn't fit nicely into the square, plus a flash randomly thrown into some corner.
This is just plain awful design, just like the notch. While the other manufacturers have learned by now that no one wants a notch anymore and moved to a water drop or glory hole notch, Apple is still too daft to understand it. They just get worse and worse with every new generation.

  • jay

Just make the whole thing as thick as the bump and put in a bigger battery.


I already saw those renders a few months ago. I could care less if it's the best design ever. I hate iOS. If you drive for DoorDash, you should to.

Crooked company. Only the MacBook Air is the only Apple I ever owned and liked. The one with the old USB ports, MagSafe, and SD card slot with the glowing Apple logo.

I will never buy another iPhone ever again. #TeamPixel for life. And I don't care if people here bash the Pixels. I'm not going to buy overrated Chinese brands and Samsung without their terrible Android skins.