iPhone XI "final" CAD-based renders appear, huge camera bump and all

26 April 2019
If this is the final design of the phone, then it's going to be polarizing to say the least.

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  • Anonymous

When Apple includes monstrosities on their iPhones, they make sure they make it big. After the notch, here comes the camera tumour.

Ugh, the back design looks horrendous af. That doesn't even look original at all, Apple just borrowed Mate 20 Pro's camera design but just distorted the lens arrangement a little bit and moved it to the upper left corner. What is Tim Cook even thinking?

hahahahaha... i see people lining up to buy this...
on serious note... its ugly.

  • omg

What are their designers for? What is this monstrosity? Why? Who thought that this is going to be a good idea? I can see the sales dropping even more ...speechless

  • Anonymous

Adi, 26 Apr 2019Ugliest phone considering both sidesNo phones as ugly as poco phone f1 lol.

  • Anonymous

lol at the camera render

  • Anonymous

It will have a 6.1" display, not 5.8" as mentioned in this article; hence, slightly larger dimensions.

  • T M

That is horrific.

  • Adi

Ugliest phone considering both sides

This can't be real. That crap is ugly has hell.

  • Larry Heming

Here come's the new trend of 2019 until 2020 :D embrace originality people

Flagship notch in 2019 smh

  • Anonymous

Burn that image into your eyes!

That will be the new hot style. You will see it in all android phone soon. But smaller.. they claim they are more better at designing.. so smaller.

  • Anonymous

So so so ..................beautiful design like Huawei Mate 20 Pro so much ha ha haha...:(

  • Anonymous

Ugly as heck

  • Anonymous

ah sht!!! Here we go again!!