iPhone XI "final" CAD-based renders appear, huge camera bump and all

26 April 2019
If this is the final design of the phone, then it's going to be polarizing to say the least.

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  • TheGroot

The Camera Setup looks monstrous! It's gonna set new standards for mobile photography. My respects to Apple.

Juicy design but I'm not liking how bug those camera rings are :/

kiasunkiasi, 26 Apr 2019can't manufacturers do away with sissy thin phone, just make the... moreno they can't, because they think that everyone wants super thing phones and guess what, may be they're right since they sell them in tens of millions... humans are stupid overall.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019Don't say ugly. If you do, you will have to say most android fla... moreWaterdrop notch looks better than iPhone's wide notch. Android phones just do things better. Admit it.

  • Anonymous

Carl, 26 Apr 2019There will still be people who buys it for wearing the latest o... moreDon't say ugly. If you do, you will have to say most android flagship in the future to be ugly as well.

You know it will be copied one way or the other in android land. Then you will have less choice to make.

Jackless / Notch / Bump is the future.. embrace it.. else you will have a very bitter future.

It will be just like the iPhone X/XS camera arrangement but with one more camera, 3 cameras in vertical, that camera bump is just so hideous, i don't think Apple will risk the aesthetic of their phones. Probably that render is a test from Apple to see how people react... and it's not good at all.

tumor in your head beautiful

  • Carl

There will still be people who buys it for wearing the latest of its brand, even if it is horribly ugly. I certainly would not buy such a design even being crazy.
But sure that some of their customers thinking in update their phones will move to Android where there is a variety of designs of the latest generation, with better cameras and everything you could desire.

It is tremendously ugly, I imagine lot of their fans cursing Apple now due to that design. Good strategy to sell less and understable who approved that deformed thing.

  • Anonymous

Even the hideously designed BlacShark 2 ia better than this. LOL

can't manufacturers do away with sissy thin phone, just make them a bit thicker thus avoid such hump and give us more battery juice?

  • Anonymous

Punch someone in the eye 1000 times, it will look like this ...

  • Fadli

Still ugly

Design aside , it's seems like ex pureview workers cooked something phenomenal for Apple's camera .

  • Anonymous

if xiaomi or any other chinese brand exept huawei (because mate 20) copied this i will call them apple copy cat

  • Anonymous

Hopefully those renders are just a troll's work, if not Cook just needs to be gone, he's no match for Jobs and time is running out for apple.

  • Anonymous

its like having huge tumor in the head. LMAO

This can't be real, can it?

  • Larry Heming

omg, 26 Apr 2019What are their designers for? What is this monstrosity? Why? Who... moreIll bet that the sales will go up even more Apple tactics

  • Anonymous

It will look good in a case.

  • Anonymous

apple really want to make sure it does not have a slow beautiful death like nokia, but rather a quick ugly death