iPhone XI "final" CAD-based renders appear, huge camera bump and all

26 April 2019
If this is the final design of the phone, then it's going to be polarizing to say the least.

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  • Anonymous

Why is GSMArena still posting iPhone news? The answers by people commenting are always the same, so no need to reproduce it endlessly.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019Waterdrop notch looks better than iPhone's wide notch. Andr... moreYeah because a simple camera is just as secure as a friggin Kinect built into a phone

  • zahor

worst design

  • Xperia all the way


Huawei Mate 20 camera placement are elegant, minimalistic looking & well thought. Iphone implementation looks ugly. Like really ugly.

So, Apple copy Huawei now, but in a bad way. Hopefully they revise it on the final design.

  • Raky

I will never understand why do the do it like that, making thin body with huge bump!?
Shouldn't be better if whole device would be 3mm thicker and had place for larger battery???
Who wouldn't take that before this ugly thing?

  • Anonymous

Well, if this is how it ends up looking like... I'm SO glad I got the XS instead of waiting.

  • Commoner

They introduced the ugliest notch.. yet the fanboys loved.. and now this.. yet they follow this mindbreaking/jawbreaking innovation.. After all they're lauded for the dual sim options in XR :D to put it simple, its a cash rich US company with so many investors and rest is the propaganda we see daily..

I hope that's the real deal
so I don't attempt to buy one


Apple literally took a fresh original design (Mate 20) & then screwed it up just for the sake of appearing different. This design is honestly very ugly. Almost too ugly to be real...

There is plenty of time till September, so Apple might end up changing it before production begins.

This is Apple's homage to Huawei. This will be copied by other Chinese phone makers.

rip apple !

"Interestingly, the entire back of the device is made from one single sheet of glass - that's also covering the camera bump."
- Looks ugly, but I can't image the repair/replacement cost it will have.

  • Anonymous

Essanpe, 26 Apr 2019Design aside , it's seems like ex pureview workers cooked s... moreYes, another bump inside the camera bump.

Are you sure this isn't photoshoped Mate 20 Pro? If Apple is going to copy Huawei design then they better copy P30 Pro especially Aurora color that thing is a beauty

  • Carl

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019Don't say ugly. If you do, you will have to say most androi... moreThen buy yourself a camel with a pair of very large humps or a dromedary since you like the lumps and use it, spoil it and love it. I refuse to buy shitty designs and imposed things. And while there are buyers who prefer the audio jack, no notches and no humps. There will always be a company willing to earn that money. And I'll buy those too.

Meanwhile, Apple can continue to take out deformed phones. More business for the manufacturers on the Android side. The small notch were invented on Android by Sharp and Essential. Apple only copied and added the Face ID. An error that some copied but that disappeared from the Android world in only few month of the past generation.

Luckily for us we have variety. It's at Apple where everyone is a clone of themselves every few months. So you're going to have to swallow the square hump a good season. Eat it and enjoy it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019Waterdrop notch looks better than iPhone's wide notch. Andr... moreNot all are waterdrop :) Its good to be android fanboy eh? You have excuses for any scenario, just pick 12943059834508 phones vs 1 phone right?

Notch for iPhone is meant for faceID component, bigger so to fit that role.
Waterdrop is just that, a front camera. NO excuse to be big.

So why not a top full bezel, and no bezel at the bottom? So that the phone look symmetric.

  • jd

ugliest looking smartphone

Can't wait to se Mi 10...now xiaomi are confused lol