iPhone XI "final" CAD-based renders appear, huge camera bump and all

26 April 2019
If this is the final design of the phone, then it's going to be polarizing to say the least.

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Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019Waterdrop notch looks better than iPhone's wide notch. Android p... moreyou compare waterdrop notch that only housing front camera againts wide notch iphone that house multiple sensor (infrared camera, flood iluminator, proxymity sensor, ambient light sensor, microphone, front camera and dot projector) seriously?????

  • Anonymous

That has got to be one of the most hideous back panels in a phone EVER if it becomes reality, it is so far beyond apples usual ethos, huge ugly notch around the front, and a ridiculous looking camera setup around the back, this years model certainly won't be winning any design accolades, I'm sure its processor will be faster the competition but i mean really, Big wow for the vast majority.
I don't want to even hazard a a guess at the updated cost for this abomination

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019No phones as ugly as poco phone f1 lol.lol poco is indeed looks cheap but not ugly, while new iphone XI concept looks expensive but its ugly, ugh

Commoner, 26 Apr 2019They introduced the ugliest notch.. yet the fanboys loved.. and ... moreIn the end I don’t know who is worse, Apple for putting this ugly things on their devices or the rest of the companies (except maybe Samsung) who just copy Apple design (the notch is a good example).

The Black Eyed Peas single My humps will be a hit again in 2020.

  • Trippy Ankit

I don't think or feel its crap, its much more, Apple is losing its ground & to retain i bet they are coming up with some fresh look, however the look that is presented here is not final one, its still under development, however i feel this would be something that will have completely different look. I can also bet, they are losing on notch. I bet on all new design.

  • Blah

Hooly potatoes its ugly. Why and also why would they make it even more bigger and easier to bend

  • Jay

Holy cow, now that's a phone only the mother could love.

  • AnonD-241270

crap is always be crap, so, crapple is finnaly there in that department.

This will win the ugliest Iphone made ever title!

  • Haris Ali

No innovation from Apple after Steve. If it continues like this, Apple will lose its market very soon .

  • Paddy

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019And people will still buy this ugly thing for 1200$+, unbelievea... moreYou are right! Unfortunately ppl will buy it as it is an Apple-hugely overrated brand. They should employ Chinese designers as they are much better than these in America. Look at small brands from China-they’ve been trendsetters in mobile designs last years. This huge bulky hump at rear, huge notch... Apple wake up its 2019!

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019if xiaomi or any other chinese brand exept huawei (because mate ... moreThen wouldn't it just be more correct to say they're copying the mate 20, not copying a copy.

what type of cameras is this it looks like eyes

  • Anonymous

Apple logo near camera bump is screaming.

That's some ugly phone

  • Anonymous

And people will still buy this ugly thing for 1200$+, unbelieveable. Those designers must be terrible copying huawei mate 20 design and doing it wrong. Even the nokia 9 pure view looks great compared to this (reminder: 5 cameras with NO BUMP!). Apple, what are you up to?

The camera design looks really bad.

  • Anonymous

EskeRahn, 26 Apr 2019Oh come on, this must be a fake image nightmare dreamt up by an ... moreYou re right, this is crap design from Apple.

Oh come on, this must be a fake image nightmare dreamt up by an aPple hater.....

Not even Xiaomi's top protrusion design is this ugly....