iPhone XI "final" CAD-based renders appear, huge camera bump and all

26 April 2019
If this is the final design of the phone, then it's going to be polarizing to say the least.

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  • Anonymous

Can't wait for all the memes to start.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019iPad (2010) - Wahahaa, Apple released a giant phone!! ROFL, who ... moreReally don't know what point you are trying to make, Apple TTbaby.

When Steve Jobs was around, Apple made aesthetically pleasing gadgets. Post Steve Jobs, Apple introduced the hideous notch and now a camera tumour. Only blind Apple fans will like having a tumour on their iPhones.

At this point Apple just acts like a haute couture designer, testing how fugly things they can get people to buy.

  • Anonymous

iPad (2010) - Wahahaa, Apple released a giant phone!! ROFL, who will want a big slab of phone? Useless! Now.. tablets everywhere.
iPhone 5 - What is this?? A remote control?? WHO want a remote control phone?? ROFL, all for 1 more row of icons? fail and ugly!! Now.. every flagship is ~ 18:9 ratio.
iPhone 7 - WTF, Apple remove the JACK? It will die in 1 year, NO one will buy that crap... Now.. jackless is norm.
iPhone X (Rumors / Prototype) Ugly POS! This crap looks bad, camera placement need to be horizontal instead of vertical! All makers have some kind of notch and vertical placement.

I do not see any different from this news. No matter how ugly or bad looking, this phone will become the new beauty & style, where every other phone makers will copy.

[deleted post]do you really think so it seems like you dont know that apple is not apple anymore, nowadays people are more into samsung and the cheap chinese phones, their re not in the spotlight anymore just accept it, i know it hurts:)

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tigerbomb1996, 26 Apr 2019you compare waterdrop notch that only housing front camera again... moreexcuses....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019Not all are waterdrop :) Its good to be android fanboy eh? You h... moreApple fanboys always find excuses.

  • Jake

The ugliness raised to the maximum exponent. What a piece of the most poorly designed tumor. It is awful. And even worse in a product that the ego of many consider luxury.

What a piece jewel horrifyingly ugly you will carry hahahaha. If it does not matter what is inside, but then by many assumptions that some intend to strain, it seems that the cameras still have small sensors, BUT with HUGE plastic plastic rings, to pretend what they are not, good joke Apple. The super HUMP.

You have to be crazy lost to waste money buying something so disgusting hahaha. The hunchback of Apple!!!

  • Anonymous

This is going to be the first iTumor phone, lol

  • Devil

Apple couldn't make uglier phones if they try.

  • Kenny


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Stefy the First, 26 Apr 2019The Black Eyed Peas single My humps will be a hit again in 2020.is that a joke ???????????????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

Another one for the notch junkies. How much more of your screen has to be missing before you say it's gone too far?

this surpass ugly (yuck) its fugly.

  • m.darwich

Stefy the First, 26 Apr 2019In the end I don’t know who is worse, Apple for putting this ug... moreapple copied the notch from essential phones :)
as they copied a lot of things before and claimed that they are theirs

  • Anonymous

That's just horrible. Looks like a tumor

  • Anonymous

People wouldn't care about those huge cameras, bump and all in the iPhone XI
if those carry the promise of much larger camera sensors and wider apertures than
the rest of the competition (P30 Pro, S10+, Pixel 3XL included).

If the iPhone XI has a 1/1.2" camera sensor (or better yet, a 1" sensor) and an f/1.4 aperture for the main camera + optical image stabilization then its going to kill
all existing competition, even those from advanced compacts like the
Sony RX100 series.

Who is copping who now? Last few year all iphones look horrible. Chinese manufacturers are copping apple so they are in the same boat... Man it is time for someone to made a real difference. I think that no one should made new phone for at least for two years so that the market is not over saturated. Mabey then they will made something really new.

And then everyone says, incredible innovation, hahaha total biased, there are much better options than apple, its all media that spreads apple is great, because they're all pais by Apple and Samsung thats it

  • Dante

Jony Ive has officially lost his mind...