Xiaomi VP teases Snapdragon 730-powered smartphone for India, could be Mi A3

26 April 2019
The Snapdragon 730 and 730G were announced a short time ago.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2019Please not big one. No more than 6 inch. For better handling.Xiaomi said already, Mi9SE will be the last sub6" phone, so expect 6,4.

  • Anonymous

Don't forget about headphone jack and SD card. And avoid glass back. Full metal body is perfect. And some cool colors of course.

  • Bocefuss

I hope it's the new mi max4 which spec's were leaked like 4 months ago but nothing since ...

  • Anonymous

Please not big one. No more than 6 inch. For better handling.

  • Aniki

And this will be Mi 9X as well.

  • A Sincere Opinion

pleas one compact, 28 Apr 2019please make 4000mAh compact phone with body no more than 140x70mmYeeeees!!!!!, pleeeeeeease!!!!!

  • pleas one compact

please make 4000mAh compact phone with body no more than 140x70mm

  • Anil

Biggest bettery

Super camera

Power full Snapdragon

  • Rich watarious

Great staff, I swear this will sell so well especially if they include headphone jack and SD Card slot. This will be the hottest even Hotter than the Redmi Note 7 pro. But of course price will also count. If the price is good and the cameras are good as we have head of and the headphone jack is there with SD card slot, with this new powerful Snapdragon 730 Chip this phone would be my daily drive for about a year. Thank you Xioami. Do your great work once again. If the SD Card will be left out then the internal memory should be 128 and 256 respectively. OTG too should be in there. Thank you.

for those who complain about glass phone

  • Ulhaqpak

aknsreddy, 27 Apr 2019Mi A2 has the worst battery of Every other mi phones. I thi... moreI had same thoughts

  • Ulhaqpak

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2019I think what they mean is that the Mi9Se will be sold in In... moreIf Mi 9 SE is released with Android One then I'm for sure buying that phone without even thinking twice

Mi A2 has the worst battery of Every other mi phones. I think they crippled it wantedly for people not to choose original Android. Throwing higher and better hardware for shit Os MiUi and for Android one they have shit batteries.

  • Krishk

Namelesss, 27 Apr 2019Patiently waiting for the Mi Max 4. Me too (MI max 2 user)

  • Anonymous

Better screen, better SoC, bigger battery. If this will be Mi A3, then it will cost a lot more than earlier ones during their release :/

  • Ulhaqpak

Please release this thing I'm waiting desperately. Android one with SD 730 and OLED seems to be perfect

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2019Hi guys, I need some opinion from pros. Is it worth it to ... moreSD 855 phones will always be better than the SD 730 phones if done right. But in my opinion SD 730 is a better choice for average user.

SD 730 is very much a balanced chipset, it has a very powerful CPU and GPU which can run games like PUBG and Fortnight at high settings at very smooth framerate. Even the Image signal processor is very similar to SD 855, which can process captured images at good speed and quality. So it's better to save some money by going for a SD 730 phone.

As for night mode, slow-mo and 4k recording, even the SD 630 supports it so SD 730 can do it easily.

MIUI is very customizable and feature rich. For example, you applied a theme from theme store but didn't like the keyboard style and status bar on it, so you can simply download another theme and take the status bar or keyboard from that other theme and apply. In other words MIUI is capable of using multiple themes at a time.
Phone with MIUI may feel slow after a while due to so much customization option, but not to the point where it'll be unbearable. Also major OS update will be slower compared to Android One phones.
(Also hearing that now there is ad on MIUI on lock screen and in some Xiaomi apps)

Android One (stock Android)- If you don't need customization of MIUI the stock android is for you. Its fast, clean and to the point and updates generally comes quickly after release. Basically in stock Android you'll need to download apps from play store if you want to do something which is not common like call recording or screen recording (which is in-build in MIUI) Also the security will be better on stock Android.

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2019I think what they mean is that the Mi9Se will be sold in In... moreSo there will be an indian version that is different with global version?

  • Anonymous

Specs are great for me. And please include SD card slot and headphone jack.

I just wish it comes with expandable memory card slot