LG posts operating loss in Q1, smartphone division still struggles

30 April 2019
The Korean company also saw over 25% decline in sales on a yearly basis.

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LG = Lost ground
LG = LeGend (which comes to an end)
LG = Last Grimreaper
LG = Lost Gremlin

Dear LG with your horrbile pricing compared to low end specs on most phones did you really think someone can buy an LG Leon for price of an Apple phone???
I dont think so.
Even a tiny profit is a profit you should know that better than anyone else.
Making a 25% profit instead of 400% and úpeople will buy you again. Othervise you will end up in history books such as HTC or Yota or Gionee,

  • Reader

LG mobile division surely be closed soon due to their worsen marketing strategies, i try my best to purchase LG Mob V40 but failed, because of, all LG outlet closed due to the poor sales and services in my country.

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 01 May 2019I honestly don't understand what LG, HTC and Sony are doing...They are dying. Sony will survive some more time.

  • Anonymous

Basically, LG phones are not bad to use but the battery life is somewhat like Samsung's nowadays; don't last over 2 years+.
Phone charging is not really that fantastic too but at least it was good.
Now with so much competition in screen tech, camera tech and even easier UI, LG needs to look into what's needed to catch up instead of being stuck in a time loop.

Last but not least, most current new designs on other phones like curved edges/folding screens are nothing but gimmicks to intellect flatliners to cough out money.
LG can work on that to sell to these ppl, esp many are in 'iPhone 4S' user variants with loads of money but nowhere to spend well on.z

Another thing LG can work on is the update of OS to break the usual trend of 2 years support only.

How bout LG, along with Sony and HTC go visit BlackBerry, Siemens and Ericsson in the graveyard cause clearly that's where they belong.

Don't need more zombies like Nokia, Alcatel and Motorola in this industry, it's already at peak saturation.

  • Bane K.

One word

  • Logic

Natural Selection, 30 Apr 2019i dont understand ,why they just dont quit?they just born m... moreHave tried to stop and think a bit... maybe it is good for us, customers, that there are more companies and they have a competition?

  • Love the Community

Until HMD Nokia does a SD855 Flagship with headphone jack and IMX586 for a cheap $550 price range just like Nokia 8 (2017), I'll be buying this LG G8 when the prices get drastically down. Too bad, Philippines won't sell this until June of this year.

  • Sunny

I had Lg G, LG4, LG5 - As per my personal opinion they have the ability to make the good device, even they did a good job in the past but now the time has changed, Quality wise LG makes the beauftful device, also they have very rich LG UI, they introduced many functions like Knock Code, Dual Apps, Module Concept, Oled screen, Screen Transparency, small Apps but problem is they don't have a proper marketing team, irregular updates, and Battery Capacity, They gave 3000 MH in G2 and till G6 they have not changed how its possible

They should Kick Out Old Staff, Initially, they should try to delivered Stock android so can provide faster updates, proper marketing Team, Should make the same device for all region

Be humble like Samsung now, 4000+ MaH battery, decent camera, multiple camera like samsung A50 or even Poco F1 specs like for affordable price, and you will rise again LG.

  • Yee

V50 will never create any positive momentum because it has nith where everyone goes with a full screen design( motorised or punch hole camera).
LG should partner with sony as both companies living outdated tech and design.
"Innovation that excites"...

  • Anonymous

Who is better nokia or lg there ald budget phones are made wery bad.

  • Anonymous

The pricing department is to blame... There's a whole history of absolutely batsh*t crazy pricing for their devices, but the latest release of G7 fit shows exactly why they make no money:

G7 Thinq (their flagship, available on Ebay for 400$):
- Snapdragon 845
- f1.6 + ultrawide camera

Recently they released G7 fit, which is a midranger with old old Snapdragon 821 and crappy f2.2 basic shooter.

Guess what price they give to it? 430$.

Just let that one sink in.

  • Wayne.

Of Course, if you can't produce top phones or top value in phones, what are you expecting from a flag ship company? They have to stop playing Sony's game. Buy somebody really good like Xiaomi and hand control of everything over to them to push out new models to distribute them through LG's distribution networks world wide.

Things Kambrook Lucky Goldstar should have done and still could (do you know the word luck is supposed to be derived from the word Lucifer? It's no wonder they are having trouble). HDR camera modes going 20 stops dynamic range, with 16 stops prime quality). 2k, 4k, 8k 50/60fps 12 bit+ HDR BT2100 colour space, visually lossless 4:2:2 or raw video. Light computational photography array sensor module, or sensor mount. Full manual and manual wireless control. External accessible hot swappable dual SD card ports. Practical professional camera apps, with AI kept as a side feature.

Practical privacy and security everything work phone, with keyboard case with pointer function, desktop GUI like office apps, off device local portable backup, no need to ever go on line.

A super gaming rig.

All the above in one phone (top model) without gaming in second from top, thinner model. A smaller cheap office model with suitable business camera, but nice hidden gaming control features (stealth tech) that looks innocent but sleek, so both markets can buy it). Most able to run new desktop windows apps under the arm engine. These are things not looked after by top tier android players. LG has distribution to put some of these things into places where minor players can't. Every phone comes with a book case like feature case (the smallest one may have slide out keyboard).

Now, on top of this, is rugged water proof tradespersons and shop versions of the second top and smaller phone. Maybe a case that suites them, might enable this. There are very big markets to replace inventory scanners and shop communications devices.

  • Kuba

i used to love LG, my last phone was G5. But cmon LG do something new!! How about good battery life??

I honestly don't understand what LG, HTC and Sony are doing...

  • V20 User

I must say LG do have some good hardware like the V20, but the software (Android) is way behind time. On top of this, pricing is the biggest issue. How can a brand like LG price their phones so high like Samsung and Apple? If you don't have good software, nobody will buy it. Be Realistic!

  • g6 user

they should update android versions faster than any one else provide at least 2 major updates to all devices .... and of course quality control . because if your devices are durable and well optimized you don't need to have the prettiest phone ..... people are looking for quality and updates that's all ... delivere it and you will success example lg G2

Make a phone actually worth buying for a change? massive blesses or a notch isn't a selling point.
AMOLED/OLED screen bare minimum, headphone jack (yes people still use them) decent specs for the price.

And for god sake, fix the mess of your OS