Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL unveiled: same cameras, slower chipsets and $399 starting price

07 May 2019
The 3.5mm audio jack makes a comeback!

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  • Anonymous

old timer, old specs, old design, nothing innovation in hardware and charge a big dollars. great job google.

  • Anonymous

this device is great to recommend for anyone isn't tech savvy and just want a great camera with minimal software experience would buy it but too bad its not available in my region

I hope Google continues to make the Pixel "a" series phones like Samsung did with their S10e. Obviously, the S10e is the better phone. But for me, it's about being interested in this Pixel 3a, per se. It's about the successors. This is a decent start.

I'm very much interested in the Pixel 4a if it's priced half of what the Pixel 4 will be. If you're not a gamer like I'm not, the Snapdragon 670 isn't a bad chip to use. The lines are getting blurred with the midrange chips vs the flagship ones. It used to be if you got a midranger, the camera was one of the biggest compromises next to the SoC and sometimes build quality. This is the first time camera wasn't compromised at all.

Again, I'm not particularly interested with these phones since I already have a Pixel 3 and will just find having this redundant but the potential with its successors is very promising. I have no interest in the Chinese brands. So if someone post the price of another Redmi, I do not care. I want the Google Pixel software experience, period.

  • Anonymous

Biggest joke of the year. This or the Fold?

The best midrange smartphones coming from an old Sony fan, totally a new league where all smartphone manufacturers needs now to compete against Google especially considering the prices, Google is playing it perfectly.

  • Sahil

In India it priced way to high the cost of Pixel 3a in India is Rs 39999 which is $574.12

  • Andy

GDS Khera, 08 May 2019If you convert USD to INR... The Price should be 28K. But ... moreDude it's the same here in the UK. They're charging 399GBP which is 519USD. Google should stick to software, their hardware is embarrassing.

Snapdragon 670 seems to be a very promising and powerful SoC in its price range. Nearly on par to the 820 a few years ago.

Thank you very much Google for another overpriced junk. Honestly a Xiaomi phone with same hardware would cost 100EUR to 150EUR. As long as other flagships are out there for the price of the budget google phone I see not a single reason to buy that crap.

Google has superior ability in software side, so even average hardware and design would be enough for his phones. Yet, this one is apparently below average for the price. Google is not just competing against Chinese OEMs, but also other manufacturers like Samsung who is also pushing out lots of phones with good hardware and software.

Dont encourage buying these so-called brands which have no value. Who gives fcuk if you are google or apple.

  • Anonymous

It's a US/western midrange; even though, I still believe, they even shouldn't get fooled and buy this instead of $450 GoogleFi version or $599 regular versions with far more features and perks.
In India however, I'm been waiting for this phone for quite some time and I thought, they will try to catch the market like Nexus 5 did. But, its way more expensive.
Add pxel earphones and make it near 30k INR or below especially when secs are low, yearold processor, camera is low (i don't blv in media outlets' bullshits), single selfie camera, little to no value of night sight and call screening, downed promise of cloud photo storage, one sided speaker, plastic and matching plasticky design, no earphones, lower LTE/WiFi speed, Dragontrail instead of gorilla glass/, no certification of IP67/68: Does those all needed to lower the price only little? seriously?

  • AnonD-784107

Honestly Moto G7 offers better value. Plus you can go online and buy an Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 for that price. So pointless. I M O

  • T M

64gb internal is a joke at this point. Next.

  • Yatheesh

But in india they are selling 64GB model of 3a at 575$ 3a XL at 650$
without glass & metal body, No expansion memory, No IP rating its a crappy phone for its price!!

Indian pricing announced and is DOAšŸ¤£

  • No sd??????

No micro SD???
Big mistake Google!!!!

  • Andy

No micro SD, only 64GB of storage and built from plastic and starting price of 399USD. Pathetic. Just get an Honor Play or Redmi Note 7 instead. Better and cheaper

  • Andra

Cheating every innocent by over price, it is not worth at all. Worth for only below $200.

The last Oracle, 08 May 2019India is the FASTEST growing market and the Most Important ... morePixel 3 XL and 3 recently got a $300 and $200 price cut and XR too got a $300 price cut not a month ago, here in India. And there is the S10e lurking around in the same ball park. This has made the 3a series to be placed in a no mans land, where it can't compete either with the topdogs coz of the negligible price difference or with the likes of 6T which is priced significantly lower